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Eczema - Effective, Natural, and Novel Treatment

Jill Stacey

Eczema is a frustrating and oftentimes painful skin condition. Its tricky to understand because, like many health conditions, the root cause is different for everyone. However, we can gain a deeper understanding of eczema and empower ourselves with life-transforming information that will assist in our healing. We can work through the eczema clearing process, and learn a lot along the way. Let's start by clearly defining eczema. . .


What is Eczema?

Eczema is a skin condition that may be short-lasting or chronic. It is usually characterized by the following:

*severe skin dryness (eczema can also take on a weeping/wet characteristic)

*intense itchiness

*the appearance of dry, red, flaking, blistering, and cracking rashes on the body.

It also comes with a variety of different names, and it would seem that there are many different types of eczema, but these actually only refer to where on the body the rashes tend to occur.

What causes eczema?

If only there was one simple answer to every eczema sufferer's greatest question! Eczema may take on many different forms and feels with even more root causes. You can look for clues or causes by asking questions like: When did this first appear for me (did it first come on in infancy, childhood, adolescence or adulthood)? Does my eczema come and go or is it consistently there? Do certain external conditions seem to trigger a flare (seasons, climates, living environments)? Do internal conditions seem to trigger a flare (menstrual cycle, stress response, identified or unidentified illness)?

Highlighted below are four common contributors to eczema. These four things are oftentimes linked with one another. For example, toxin exposure and the body's inability to properly detoxify these toxins will lead to digestive issues, and ultimately low thyroid function. Infections as the root cause can also present a cascade of varying symptoms. 

1) Toxin exposure. Excessive exposure to toxins will eventually overload the kidneys and liver, often causing the skin to take on the role of eliminating toxins since it has such a large surface area. This can lead to eczema and several other skin conditions.

2) Digestive issues. A low-quality diet can irritate or damage the lining of the intestine and reduce its ability to uptake nutrients and prevent toxins from crossing into the bloodstream. However, there are plenty of eczema sufferers who eat impeccably, but still experience digestive disturbances. In these cases, there is a strong likelihood that the troubles with digestion are secondary to a deeper root cause (such as chronic toxin exposure and/or infection). 

3) Infection and Immune System Overload. Viral, bacterial and fungal infections, if unidentified and left untreated, result in immune system overload and over-reactivity. If the immune system is constantly fighting off infections, it can also be unusually reactive to what would otherwise be normal everyday stimuli.

4) Low thyroid function. This ultimately leads to reduced circulation. Since nutrients are delivered by the blood while waste and toxins are removed by it, this leads to waste buildup on nutrient-deficient skin, which causes the rashes that are so characteristic of eczema.

Chances are, there is not one straightforward cause of your eczema condition. . . not the answer anyone experiencing eczema wants to hear, I know. If only there was one simple, easy to identify cause...and one simple, easy to identify solution! Instead, we're left with many possibilities. Fortunately, we're also left with an abundance of possible solutions!

How to treat eczema

The first step is asking those questions and exploring the clues that we talked about earlier. Some people might feel like they have already asked all the questions, and just keep running into walls. Trust me, you are not alone! Its not always easy to figure out triggers and solutions. It's a very personal process that you must trust in. One thing is for certain. . . if you keep your spirit high and have faith in the total restoration of your health, miracles will happen in your life! You can do it!

Eczema and diet

Benefits can only be seen by adopting a healthy whole-foods diet, tailored to your own constitution. If you are not doing so already, start here! If you suspect you might be reacting to certain foods, try eliminating them for several weeks, and then slowly reintroduce them (if you feel called to do so), one at a time. Look into food rotation diet ideas. Common food allergens that can contribute to eczema (particularly when they are non-organic/GMO) are pasteurized dairy (non-organic fed GMO feed), corn (most likely GMO if not certified organic), soy (most likely GMO if not certified organic), and gluten. You may also be interested in researching histamine-producing foods if you are currently in a state of hyper-reactivity.

The following list of beneficial foods and nutrients can be added in to a healthy diet to assist in healing and bringing down existing inflammation:

  • Turmeric - A strong anti-inflammatory with many benefits, especially for those with skin conditions.
  • Burdock Root - A powerful anti-inflammatory that can help with many skin conditions, including eczema. Earth by Healthforce is my favorite source for Burdock and synergystic nutritionals.
  • Chlorophyll - Fights bacteria, aids in wound healing. My absolute favorite source is Vitamineral Green. I don't know what I would do without my daily Vitamineral Green drink!
  • Raw Fats and Cold Pressed Oils - Helps beautify the skin in many ways.
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids - Essential for body, brain, and skin health. The best vegan sources are E3Live, Golden Algae oil, Sprouted Flax, Chia Seed, and Marine Phytoplankton.
  • Omega-6 Fatty Acids - Small amounts help acne, rosacea, psoriasis, and eczema. Evening Primrose Oil is my favorite source.
  • Silica - Strengthens connective tissue for strong skin, hair, and nails. Try Orgono Living Silica or Biosil
  • Sulfur - Builds and repairs connective tissues for beautiful skin, hair, and nails. Helps detoxify the body and liver. Use plant-derived MSM.
  • Horsetail - Helps the healing process and strengthens Skin - useful for rashes that crack.
  • Nettle - Helps relieve many chronic skin conditions, including eczema.
  • Coconut Oil - Increases blood flow to the skin, fights bacteria, and can be applied topically to moisturize and soften.
  • Aloe Vera - fights inflammation and can also be applied topically.

Eczema - underlying infections and toxicity

It is definitely worth exploring the possibility that your body may have some sort of underlying infection and/or toxicity that could be triggering the appearance of your eczema. There is a lot that could be written on this topic. If you suspect that this might be a contributing factor, getting a diagnosis from a qualified healthcare provider could help you move forward in clearing your skin (and feeling better all around). If you feel like you could use some guidance in pinpointing what may be going on and how to move forward, you may be interested in a HEALTH COACHING SESSION

Cleansing and the skin

Targeting cleansing can be used to assist in clearing your skin at a faster rate. The colon is a great place to start through excellent food choices, vegetable juice fasting (when appropriate), and the addition of targeted herbal preparations. You may also want to do a few colonics to help restore the body's ability to detoxify itself through the colon rather than through the skin. Exposing your entire body to the sunlight can help a lot too, along with fresh air and bathing in pure healthy water. Sweating is a wonderful way to cleanse the skin, as is stimulating the flow of lymphatic fluid (try rebounding!)

Eczema treatment

The ultimate resolution of an eczema condition will come from within. There are also products that can be used to assist in the healing process, by calming inflammations from the outside-in. Be sure to choose an organic eczema treatment that will actually help heal and repair the skin without adding to its toxic load.

Ozonated oils

Ozonated oils can be used to effectively treat inflammatory skin conditions. Ozonated olive oil is a powerful tool in the topical treatment of eczema. It works to deeply cleanse the skin, assisting in the resolution of commonly seen topical bacterial overgrowths in chronic eczema conditions. It will also work to remove a large number of harmful toxins from the skin, and will bring down swelling and inflammation. Ozonated olive oil encourages the growth of new skin cells, inviting healthy skin and a luminous glow.

Experience the healing power of Elaa's After the Rain - Activated Oxygen Miracle Balm. Elaa's Living Organic Skincare starts with raw, cold pressed organic olive oil. The oil goes through an extended process of ozonating, where activated ozone is introduced and bubbled through it. Powerful, skin healing essential oils are then introduced, creating a powerful synergy of ingredients in this potent product. 

Learn more about the benefits of Ozone on the skin. 

You may also be interested in learning about elaa's Magic Healing Balm. This healing balm helps to seal in moisture to the skin, and is specifically targeted to treat eczema, as well as helping soothe skin conditions like herpes, cold sores, psoriasis, and contact dermatitis. It's antibacterial, ultra-hydrating, and helps promote skin cell regeneration. If your skin is extra dry with cracks, Magic Healing Balm can be applied after After the Rain - Activated Oxygen Miracle Balm to create a protective healing barrier.

The Benefits of Vitamin C - Glowing Skin and Immune Health (and why many vitamin C serums are toxic)

Jill Stacey

Vitamin C naturally begins to diminish in the skin over time. Using it in a topical application can work wonders in promoting and enhancing the quality and radiance of your skin. 

Skincare products formulated with Vitamin C are making huge gains in popularity these days. With so many potential benefits from the topical use of this powerful antioxidant, it's easy to understand why! However, it is important to make a distinction between the many different forms of this vitamin being used in it does actually come in many forms...sometimes synthetic and sometimes natural.

Much of the Vitamin C being used in topical products can actually cause damage to the skin...

Wow...this is huge! Take a moment to really soak that in because the implications here are important..particularly if you use skincare products containing Vitamin C. Unfortunately, it is true that the majority of Vitamin C products being marketed are actually having the very opposite effect on user's skin than intended/marketed. Vitamin C in many forms will cause damage to the skin when used topically. And, the vast majority of Vitamin C skincare products are formulated with damaging forms of this vitamin.

Let's take a step back here before we dive into all of this, and remind ourselves of the beauty and benefits of Vitamin C (in its proper form). . . That is, after all, why we are shedding light on this issue. We understand the pure potential for this beauty care ingredient, and wish for it to be utilized without causing harm. 

benefits of vitamin c

When we take in adequate amounts of Vitamin C, we reap astounding benefits. There are volumes that have been written on this, but let's just mention a few highlights.

Vitamin C is highly recognized in its ability to support the immune system, along with the health of the adrenal glands. This could be why adequate levels of this vitamin are associated with reduced levels of stress and an overall greater sense of wellbeing. Vitamin C intake is crucial for cellular health and support, and it is also a key player in the production of glutathione within the body (think detoxification in a toxic world). 

When it comes to the health of the skin, Vitamin C plays a big role in its maintenance and repair.

vitamin c for skin

Vitamin C is an important nutrient for the health of our skin, and our body's largest organ can benefit from its use both internally and externally. 

One of the key reasons that it is so useful as an anti-aging ingredient is that it greatly assists in the production of collagen. As you amp up this process in the skin, fine lines and wrinkles will oftentimes diminish. Collagen is a powerful rejuvenator to the skin, and by applying Vitamin C topically, you are directing the production of collagen to specified areas of the body. Healthy collagen levels equate to healthy blood vessel structure, which then enables needed nutrients to make it to the furthest reaches of your tissues. It is a beautiful process, and Vitamin C is a major player in its graceful unfolding.

Being a dynamic antioxidant, Vitamin C also has the ability to protect the skin from free radicals and UV radiation. In addition, it protects against skin discoloration, and also lightens pigmentations such as age spots and freckles. Vitamin C is one of the first responders when there is a wound to be healed, helping to repair damaged tissues at an expedited pace. brainer here...Vitamin C is amazing, and any way that we can strategically invite healthy forms of it into our tissues is to be encouraged.... and most definitely appreciated by the body....

So what was that about healthy forms of Vitamin C? Isn't Vitamin C just, Vitamin C?

Well, not exactly. In a perfect world maybe, but things have gotten a little complicated....

sources of vitamin c

acerola cherries

acerola cherries

There are several foods that contain Vitamin C. The highest amounts are found in Kakadu Plum, Acerola Cherry, Camu Camu Berry, and Indian Gooseberry or Amla berry. Citrus fruits are also famously known for containing Vitamin C, although in lower amounts than the previously mentioned fruits. When you go to purchase a Vitamin C supplement or skin care product, you could be receiving any number of versions of the vitamin. Some are natural, many are synthetic. Some of the names you might see on a label include l-ascorbic acid, tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, sodium ascorbate, ascorbyl palmitate, and ester C (magnesium ascorbyl phosphate). 

The most commonly used source of Vitamin C in skin care applications is Ascorbic Acid, or L-Ascorbic Acid.

ascorbic acid

This type of vitamin C can be synthetic or naturally derived. Of course, we want to avoid synthetics. On the other hand, if its plant-sourced, there's a strong probability that its a corn derivative - and unless specified, GMO...i.e. avoid at all costs. (However, there are a handful of reputable manufacturers producing certified non-GMO Ascorbic Acid).

The trouble with L-Ascorbic Acid in this isolated form, even when from a non-GMO natural-source, is that its not easy to stabilize. This is true for all Ascorbic Acid, whether its synthetic or natural. It oxidizes quickly when added to a formula. A common solution to this problem by skin care manufacturers is to use a chemical stabilization process, which presents an entirely new set of problems in terms of healthy skin care.

Between the rapid oxidation of L-Ascorbic Acid in skincare formulations, and the chemical stabilizers that may or may not be used to address this issue, there are a lot of undesirable things going on with the vast majority of Vitamin C skin care products. 

diy vitamin c serum

DIY Vitamin C serums are enjoying a streak of popularity. If you decide to go this route, be sure to do your research to ensure you are not using harmful substances on your skin. If you decide on using L-Ascorbic Acid, make sure that it is from a non-GMO plant source, and that you make only enough serum for a single use (as the Vitamin C will begin oxidizing as soon as you mix it into the serum). Be sure to do a skin test to make sure this agrees with your skin, as too high of a concentration can cause a serious reaction. 

best form of vitamin c

The best form of Vitamin C, taken internally or used topically in skincare, is in its whole food form. If you are going to use an extracted form, look for L-Ascorbic Acid from as pure as source as possible, and non-GMO. Again, look for powder or capsules of Kakadu Plum, Acerola Cherry, Camu Camu Berry, and Indian Gooseberry or Amla berry. And eat citrus fruits.

Indian Gooseberries or Amla Berries

Indian Gooseberries or Amla Berries

Think in terms of whole food extracts and bioferments for the most concentrated, active and assimilable forms of Vitamin C.

Sunshine Dew Vitamin C Serum

Elaa’s Sunshine Dew Vitamin C Serum derives its potent Vitamin C content from the abundance of natural whole fruit extracts and bioferments that its formulated with. This powerful serum is crafted with an array of superfood botanicals, including Kakadu Plum, Acerola Cherry, Camu Camu Berry, and Indian Gooseberry, which contain nature's highest levels of Vitamin C, all in a concentrated, stable, and bio-available form. Sunshine Dew Vitamin C Serum is safe and effective, and you can be assured that you are getting all the benefits of topical Vitamin C, in an exquisitely crafted-formula that is food for your skin!

Sunshine Dew - Brightening Vitamin C Serum

The ultimate all-in-one vitamin C rich treatment for a glowing complexion. 

Capture the brilliant radiance of the sun with this natural vitamin C serum. It encourages a youthful, radiant complexion through the use of its unique natural anti-aging compounds. 

Naturally Bio-available Vitamin C protects and enhances collagen synthesis, diminishes hyper-pigmentation, and neutralizes free radicals. This serum utilizes nature's most potent solutions for bright and beautiful skin.

Size: 30 ml

Winter Beauty Tips - Self-Care for Your Whole Being

Jill Stacey

Winter Solstice has come and passed in the northern hemisphere, and each day we are seeing a little more light. Yet, we still have more days of winter to come. There are some strategies that can be adopted to ensure that we cherish the experience of winter to the fullest! Today we will look at ways to keep ourselves feeling healthy, cozy, and beautiful through the winter season. 

Eating with the Seasons

Over the past 50 years, the availability and diversity of foods available to us at grocery stores have changed dramatically. With food now being imported from every possible corner of the globe, many have fallen out of touch with the fact that certain foods can only be grown in certain climates, are only available seasonally, etc. If grapes were to be purchased in California during the month of March, the informed shopper would be aware that they were not grown locally. This brings us to a key point: eating food in season, and grown as close to home as possible, will bring your body the greatest health benefits.

Mother nature knows best, always! She offers us apples in the fall and dandelion greens in the spring with good reason. Nourishing roots grown deep in the ground provide us with tailored nutrients that our bodies crave and thrive on during the fall and winter, and as the weather warms up, we are attracted to the lighter side of things, flourishing on vividly colored foods with higher water contents.

The method of your food preparation might also shift in the wintertime. Some find that they are more balanced by adding in more cooked foods, depending on their own body and geographic location. Soups made with lovingly prepared broths, plenty of veggies, and warming spices might be just what you need to warm up on a chilly day. Healthy fats will help keep you in balance, inside and out (assisting in keeping the skin soft and moisturized). Hot teas made with immune-supporting herbs are also an excellent ally to prepare and consume daily in the winter.

Super Supplements

Everyone has different supplemental needs, but there are a few common threads that we can all benefit from during this time of year. Be sure to get plenty of good fats in your diet, such as the super important omega oils (in their proper ratios). Also, with less sunlight, consider getting your vitamin D level checked. This is a common deficiency, even if you spend a lot of time in the sun. When supplementing, look for this vitamin in the form of D3 (as Cholecalciferol) for the greatest support. Include plenty of supportive herbs in the form of extracts and teas. Look into herbs such as medicinal mushrooms (including Reishi, Chaga, Cordyceps and Argaricus Blazei), Siberian Ginseng, Ashwaganda, and Astragalus to support and balance your body and spirit.

Benefits of Exercise

Its easy to go into hibernation mode when its cold outside, but we can still find ways to move our bodies and break a sweat. Movement and sweating are really great for us, and most definitely support our body's immune system and natural cleansing processes.

Find ways to get your body in motion...whatever feels good and works for you. This might include activities such as stretching, walking, jogging, dancing...or get bouncing on your rebounder if you've got one!

Far Infrared Sauna

Breaking a sweat is also a wonderful way to support your physical body. A vigorous run will do it, but there are also other options, like enjoying a sauna regularly. Check out Far Infrared (FIR) Saunas if you've never done so before...they are an amazing way to induce sweating and encourage deep cleansing. Following the sauna with a cold plunge or cold rinse in the shower (hot/cold therapy) provides incredible benefits to your entire being, with special emphasis on lymphatic drainage, circulation, detoxification, and immunity.


This sort of circulation stimulation can also be achieved through a hydrotherapy shower. You simply rotate between hot and cold water while in the shower, making sure to reach every part of your body. If there is an area that is particularly sensitive or congested (such as swollen lymph nodes, stuffy sinuses, or sensitive kidneys, for example), be sure to pay special attention to that part of the body. Ideally you want to be in a hydrotherapy shower for about 15 minutes, so moving through seven rotations of hot/cold (keep the hot water on for 1 minute, then completely cold for 1 minute, repeat) works out perfectly. You will feel absolutely invigorated and refreshed once you have finished!

Spa Ritual

Most everyone spends more time indoors during the winter. What a perfect opportunity to practice self-care and spend some quality time with oneself! How about turning the bathroom into your own spa, where you can encourage and inspire your spirit with an ever-evolving self-care ritual. . .

Homemade Bath Soak

Baths are always my go-to number one choice if I'm in need of relaxation, nourishment, or detox. Before you get into the water, try a little dry skin brushing to stimulate the lymphatic flow in your body. Using a body scrub, like Elaa's Pumpkin Pie Body Scrub will also stimulate circulation, drainage, with the added benefit of exfoliating your skin and leaving it silky soft. You might also add some special essential oils to the tub, such as Elaa's WINTER REJUVENATION BLEND as a method to nourish your skin and calm your spirit. I also always include things like Epsom Salts, Mineral Salts, Clays, and Baking Soda for detoxification. Follow the bath with your choice of nourishing, Skin Restoring Body Oils or Body Butters.


Foot Bath

If you aren't in the mood to fully submerge, a foot bath is a brilliant option. This gives you the chance to direct some special attention to your precious feet. The feet are a major path of elimination for the body - toxins can be drawn out through the feet quite easily. Consider a moisturizing essential oil blend, clay for detoxification, or Epsom Salts (rich in magnesium) for relaxation and immune support. Follow your foot bath with a rich body butter to deeply restore and seal in extra moisture. Elaa's delectable Skin Restoring, Age Defying Body Butters are the perfect treatments for feet and hand beauty and softness.


At Home Facial

Loving Home Facials are something that I highly support and encourage! They are a great way to tune into your body's needs and create a luminous glow, while taking time to cherish yourself. For amazing customizable home facial options, check out Elaa's CLEANSERS, EXFOLIANTS, and MASKS. Finish these fun and gorgeous treatments with TONER, SERUM, TREATMENT, and MOISTURIZER of your choice. I also invite and encourage you to read over past blog articles, where common skin complaints are addressed, along with many tips for facials!


Skin Care Routine

Winter is the perfect time to really dial in your overall skin care routine, and discover what works best for you in terms of optimized choices. Make sure to use products created with integrity, and only those made with truly healthy, skin-loving ingredients. If you are interested in trying out some of Elaa's product offerings for the first time, a good way to go is the SAMPLE PACK, where you can select from a variety of different options suited to your own skin and desires. And as always, I welcome your questions and would love to assist you in finding the perfect skin care products for your needs!

The Oil Cleansing Method: Inspiring Skin Balance and Radiance

Jill Stacey

Our skin has many functions, including protecting our precious inner-terrain and acting as a powerful organ of elimination. Our skin also acts as a messenger of our overall health, providing us with clues about what may be going on inside the body. It is most certainly something to be treasured and taken care of. 

Healthy Skin

What if there was a simple method that could be used to balance and rejuvenate all skin types in all stages? A foundation to build and refine a customized skincare ritual from and something that could be equally beneficially to those with dry skin or oily skin? Or combination skin? And even sensitive or inflamed skin? Great news! You might be on the brink of discovering something big here, something that could fundamentally shift the way you skin has been behaving....into a state of perfect balance. 

You might have heard of the Oil Cleansing Method before. People who have tried it and stuck with it generally have good things to say about it, really good things, and want to share the information they've learned. I've been using this method for many years and it has revolutionized my skin. Today we're going to take a look at the Oil Cleansing Method to a healthy skincare routine, and maybe you will be inspired to give it a try!

Skin Structure and Function

Image by Daniel de Souza Telles

Let's start with the basics of skin structure, to help us understand just a little bit about what might be going on with our skin and how Oil Cleansing may be helpful. There are three main layers, the outermost being the one we are most familiar with. Here's a little breakdown:


This outermost layer is called the epidermis, and serves to protect us from the external environment. It not only keeps harmful substances out of our bodies, but also assists in the removal of them from inside our bodies as they are carried out through our pores. It is in this top layer that you will also find melanocytes, which are the cells that contain melanin (the pigments that determine our skin color).

Dermis of the Skin

The next layer is known as the dermis, which is where sweat glands, sebaceous glands, and hair follicles are found. This layer is made up of a variety of proteins, collagen, and elastin. This is an important layer in terms of nourishing and supporting for a beautiful glow, and also to consider when decongesting skin from harmful substances (which can play a part in breakouts and other imbalances). In the dermis you will also find an intricate network of capillaries carrying oxygen and nutrients to the cells.

Skin Deep 

The subcutis is the innermost layer of the skin. It serves to insulate, shield and protect.

Function of Skin

We have talked about skin's abilities to protect us from the outside world and allow a safe passage for the removal of toxins from our system. It is also responsible for overall moisture retention, regulating our temperature, and producing Vitamin D. In short, the skin is super important to our health on a lot of levels. Now that we have got the basics on skin structure and function down, let's get back to the Oil Cleansing Method and why it works so well....

The Oil Cleansing Method

Applying oil to the skin, particularly when it already seems over-oily, is counter-intuitive for a lot of people. What many people are not yet aware of is this simple truth: oil dissolves oil. When you use the oil cleansing method, all of the impurities that are clogging your pores will be softened and dissolved, and with the application of steam or a warm compress, will be removed altogether. Oil is healthy and necessary for the skin, which is why your body produces it. It lubricates pores so they can carry out toxins with ease, and also works to provide moisture and protection. The production and movement of oil within the skin is a beautiful process, and when it is in balance, the skin is radiant. Trouble arises when the process breaks down somewhere along the way, and suddenly things aren't flowing as easily as they should be. Oil cleansing is the method that can assist in bringing this back into balance, no matter if you skin is oily, dry, or somewhere in between.

The Oil Cleansing Method: How to Get Rid of Oily Skin and Acne

At this point, we have learned that oily skin needs oil just as much as dry skin does. It is healthy and healing, and will encourage and bring about oil balance in the skin. The Oil Cleansing Method will greatly assist in the removal of pore-clogging substances, and encourage balance and vitality in the skin, clearing acne and oily skin. If you have been stuck in the trap of using products that overly dry the skin (such as oil-absorbing products or medicated acne treatments), it is time to break free! When you use products that intentionally aim to dry the tissues, the skin will overcompensate and produce even more oil...leading to the continuation of the cycle of oily skin, clogged pores and acne. It's time for a change. . . invite oil into your life!

The Oil Cleansing Method: Bringing Moisture to Dry Skin

Dry skin benefits greatly from the Oil Cleansing Method as well. It will not only clear congested pores, but it will also invite healthy oils into the skin to work their magic. The oils that we will be using are miracle workers in the tissues, clearing inflammations, signs of aging, and restoring deep balance and beauty. Your skin will be thrilled with the results, and the simplicity of the practice makes it refreshingly easy to do.  

Oil Cleansing with Orange Sky Facial Cleansing Balm

I have just released Elaa's newest treasure, a sensuous beauty balm made for the best, most effective, and divinely enjoyable oil cleansing. With a special combination of herbs, oils, butters, and essential oils, Orange Sky Facial Cleansing Balm works to swiftly transform the upper two layers of the skin into harmonized balance. In addition to its skin balancing, nourishing, and rejuvenating effects, it also works to balance the spirit with its uplifting therapeutic essential oils. Orange Sky Facial Cleansing Balm is the foundation for a truly transformational skincare routine. 

How To - The Oil Cleansing Method

*1* Begin with a pearl sized amount of Orange Sky - Facial Cleansing Balm in your hand. 

*2* You may begin on the neck and gently stroke in upwards motions toward the forehead until you have covered your entire face. Begin to gently massage the cleansing balm in delicate circular motions, taking care to ensure that it has completely penetrated the skin. Allow the cleansing balm to work its magic on your tissues for at least 3 minutes, or up to ten minutes if desired. Take this time to soak in the experience, breathing deeply and opening to transformation. Invite in your own self healing power of your body, mind, and spirit in, and both feel in your heart and form a clear picture in your mind of radiant health and beauty.

*3* Use a warm damp cloth to remove, sweeping in upward motions. 

*4* If you have a lot of congestion in the skin, and/or you are in the initial clearing phase of the oil cleansing method, there is an extra step you might consider employing. (This will become unnecessary after your skin balances with continued use of the method). Position your face over a pot of gently steaming water, with towel draped over the back of your head to hold the steam in and allow it to work through your pores. Continue to steam for about 5 minutes. Follow with a cool splash of water.

*5* Finish the ritual with a toner, like Moonlight Mist. The toner will help remove any excess wax or oil from the cleansing balm. Finally, apply a serum & moisturizer, customized to your skin's desires and needs.

Detox Reactions from the Oil Cleansing Method

Sometimes there is a short period of skin detoxification that occurs with the Oil Cleansing Method. As pores that have not been functioning well suddenly begin working efficiently, they desire to push out all of the debris that has been holding the skin back from its innate brilliance. It might even seem that your skin is becoming a little more oily at first. This is your skin cleansing, purging, and rebalancing. Allow the process to happen if it comes. It will not last long, and as you move through it, your skin will be transformed beyond anything it has ever known before!

How to Get Rid of Acne

Jill Stacey

Just about everyone seems to struggle with skin challenges of one kind or another at some point in their life. It may come early, at an older age, or anywhere in between. It may last for just a short while or it may be a longer term challenge. One thing is for certain: no matter what you may have already been through, or whatever it is you are currently dealing are not alone! I myself struggling with acne, psoriasis, rashes, eczema, and other skin conditions most of my life and have studied very carefully how to heal this skin conditions. We all have these types of experiences, and there is plenty of support available as you navigate through figuring it all out. I'm here to be that support for you.

For this post, I'd like to look at the most common of all skin conditions, acne. I'll discuss it's causes, and how to treat acne naturally.

skin problems, including acne, are opportunities for improving overall health

Skin problems are tricky in that they almost always signify an inner imbalance, and two people with identical looking skin troubles can have completely different causative factors. But once you are armed with the right information and action plan, there is no skin challenge that can't be conquered! It will require commitment and perseverance from you, but if you stick with it, your whole body will benefit from your hard work and dedication, and ultimately your health will increase in ways you may have not previously imagined possible!

acne vulgaris

Acne, otherwise known as acne vulgaris, is a most common skin complaint.

Sometimes it takes a pronounced cry for help from our bodies to alert us to an inner imbalance. Skin conditions are one of the most effective ways that our bodies can get our attention fast. After all, its hard to ignore an other-than-pretty pimple glaring back at us in the mirror. Acne is a trouble that most of us are familiar with, whether it has been experienced in mild or severe form.

what causes acne

Acne has many potential causative factors, but there are a handful of really common ones that are most likely at play. Things to reflect upon in your own life in relation to your acne are diet and nutrition, digestion and assimilation, toxic load in the body and cleansing, hormonal balance, medications that you may be taking, and stress and stored emotions.

treating from the inside-out

acne and diet

The food that we choose to bring into our bodies is a very personal choice, and can have a huge impact on acne and the overall quality of our skin. If you have an interest in nutrition, you have probably encountered an overwhelming number of well-intentioned people claiming to have all the answers to your own body's needs. Most of the time, these people appear to be preaching their own gospel, that is, making recommendations based on what is currently working for them. The bottom line is, our bodies are all unique, and we all have varying requirements at different times in our lives.

The key piece to take away here is this: listen to your body! Whether you have clear skin or are dealing with acne or any other skin condition, choose an organic whole foods diet tailored to your own needs. With an open mind, try out different approaches and see what feels best for you. Over time, you will discover how to tune in to your body and make the best choices. If you haven't done so already, eliminate any and all processed foods from your diet and replace with simple health-promoting real foods.

Here are some general recommendations for foods to avoid if you are in the process of clearing acne and encouraging outstanding health:

acne diet

foods to avoid

  • processed and chemical "foods" of all types

  • refined grain products and gluten containing grains

  • all refined sugars, and even natural sugars in excess (try to stick with primarily low-glycemic treats)

  • alcohol and caffeinated beverages

  • refined cooking oils

  • pasteurized dairy products

And here are some ideas for foods and superfoods you can incorporate in to your diet for health promotion:

foods for acne

  • Raw organic vegetable juices and fresh colorful veggies, consumed raw or cooked depending on personal constitution, digestion, and preference.

  • Nutrient dense wild foods, such as seaweed, herbs, and berries.

  • Superfoods

  • Warm healing broths. Bone broth is amazing for health and digestion. If you are vegan, try broths and soups with lots of veggies, roots, herbs, and medicinal mushrooms. Earth by HealthForce makes the perfect vegan, nutrient-dense broth.

  • Health promoting algaes, such as E3Live, Marine Phytoplankton and Chlorella.

  • Omega-3 fatty acids from foods and supplemental oils. Krill Oil is wonderful. The best vegan sources are E3LiveGolden Algae oilSprouted FlaxChia Seed, and Marine Phytoplankton.

  • Raw fermented foods, like sauerkraut and coconut water kefir

  • Healthy fats such as cold-pressed unrefined oils, especially coconut oil, avocados, and sun dried olives.

  • Herbs for the skin, such as elaa's own Clear Skin Tea

  • Fresh organic fruits in moderation (berries are an antioxidant rich low-glycemic choice)

If you are in need of a deeper level of support in designing and implementing a personalized dietary approach, I offer private health consultations via phone or email. CONTACT ME to find out more about a personal consultation.

stress and acne

Make no mistake about it: stress has a tremendous impact on our overall health. One of the fastest places it shows up is on the surface of our skin. Acne breakouts are a common experience for those experiencing high levels of stress. Discover and practice ways that you can relax and rejuvenate your being while, first addressing why you are stressed. Feeling all the feelings that arise when you dive into why you're stressed. Letting yourself express all of those feelings fully. And then, once fully felt, caring for yourself in nourishing ways.

hormonal acne

Hormone Imbalances can and will cause acne. There are many possible scenarios here, and it is important to know that any hormonal imbalance can trigger blemishes and breakouts. One example of this is seen when the body releases too many androgenic hormones (a common result of increased insulin production in the body). What follows is a cascade of excess sebum production, congested follicles, and in turn, acne formation. Another situation to be aware of is a sudden change in hormonal balance, such as that created by pregnancy or even certain illnesses. Also, an imbalanced estrogen to progesterone ratio in the body will often lead to breakouts before, during, or after menstruation. Talk to your naturopath or a practitioner you trust to help test your hormones and get them back into balance.

acne medications

There are certain medications that can actually trigger acne due to the imbalances that they create in the body. It is wise to hold an awareness of this possibility if you are taking any medications, and consider whether or not you may have other treatment options available that may be more beneficial to your long-term health. Contraceptive pills are a commonly used medication that creates body imbalances and can bring on breakouts. You will also want to steer clear of prescription acne medications for the same reason, and opt for a holistic acne treatment instead.

antibiotics for acne

While antibiotics are clearly a very useful tool in cases of serious medical need, it really makes no sense to use them as a long-term treatment for acne. We know that there is a clear link between acne and challenged digestive health. We are also aware of the fact that antibiotic usage further challenges digestive health, as it impacts healthy gastro-intestinal flora balance. By using antibiotics over extended periods of time in hopes of improving acne, you are actually setting up a cycle of increasing stress on one of acne's root causes, an imbalanced digestive system. This creates more harm than good for acne sufferers.

home remedies for acne

We've talked about some of the causes of acne, and also the importance of diet in improving and preventing future outbreaks. Now we're going to go deeper into some of the other ways you can take a proactive acne healing path, and begin deeply healing your body and clearing your skin!

detox for acne

When your internal body is overloaded with toxins that aren't being eliminated efficiently, the toxins begin eliminating through the skin....and this is when the skin issues arise! Look at it as a blessing: you are being alerted to the fact that your body is feeling overloaded with substances that are harmful to your health, and it is asking for your assistance in removing these accumulations. What an amazing opportunity for improving your overall level of health and vitality (and achieving clear skin in the process)!

Detoxing is an important way to help clean out your system and help get rid of acne. Look into fasting and cleansing programs. Consider colon hydrotherapy to assist in the removal of accumulated toxins. Get out there and move your body with regular exercise, if you can. Rebounding (bouncing on a mini trampoline) is an excellent way to move the lymph through your body. Regularly working up a sweat is great for the body, be it through exercise or a sauna (check out far infrared saunas for their powerful detox abilities).

liver cleanse for acne

The health of the skin is often a reflection of the liver's health status. Acne Vulgaris can be triggered by poor fat metabolism in the body (the process of digesting and assimilating dietary fats), of which the liver is largely responsible for. There are many approaches to cleansing the liver, some of which are more gentle than others.

Start with your water intake: make sure you are drinking ample amounts of pure, properly structured water (preferably fresh spring water, but do the best you can). Eat a diet of clean whole foods, with plenty of fresh produce, personally tailored to your constitution and health status. Use liver supporting herbs regularly, such as Liver Rescue by Healthforce and elaa's Clear Skin Tea

Coffee enemas are a highly effective way to cleanse the liver/gallbladder as well. These can be done easily in the comfort of your own home. Please note that if you are highly sensitive to caffeine, this may not be the best option for you. I personally love the benefits of coffee enemas, but cannot tolerate them. Give them a try and see how you do! Castor Oil Packs over the liver are one of my favorite and are an easy treatment - I do them every night. Another powerful Liver detoxifer is Rectal Ozone Insufflation, or Enemas with Ozonated Water, if you have access to an Ozone Generator.

supplements for acne

There are some highly valuable supplements that you might consider incorporating into your routine as you heal your acne and your body. Think about enhancing your digestive system function, supporting your liver, assisting in the removal of stored and released toxins, and strengthening your nutritional intake with super foods.

  • probiotics and digestive enzymes to support the digestive system. Friendly Force and Digestion Enhancement Enzymes.

  • MSM, taken with high quality, food-based, Truly Natural Vitamin C (vitamin C increases absorption of MSM, in addition to being great for the skin and immunity)

  • a liver support supplement containing milk thistle seed extract, such as Liver Rescue

  • green superfood powders, like Vitamineral Green, also by Healthforce

  • clays like Zeolite and bentonite for absorbing toxins daily

  • herbs like nettles and horsetail (rich in silica: a beauty mineral)

  • tonic herbs such as schizandra, reishi mushroom, and pearl powder, traditionally used to beautify the skin and bring balance to the entire body

  • elaa's Clear Skin Tea

treating from the outside-in

acne skin care

Adopting a healthy skin care routine will make a significant difference in your skin and overall health. Start by immediately eliminating all chemical acne treatments, like benzoyl peroxide, or any other “medicated” products from your life. These not only have a drying effect on the skin that is damaging, but the chemicals themselves are placing a heavier load of your body's ability to detoxify. Seek out natural products that are antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antioxidant without the toxic load.

essential oils for acne

There are many beneficial essential oils that can be added to carrier oils, skin care products, or applied neat (essential oils are highly concentrated: use caution before applying neat, or dilute first). Explore oils such as lavender, rosewood, eucalyptus, lemongrass, turmeric, geranium, grapefruit, sandalwood, vetiver, rosemary, niaouli, immortelle/helichrysum, thyme linalool, carrot seed, bergamot, chamomile, palmarosa, basil, and cedarwood.

elaa's clarity - anti-acne skin rejuvenating elixir oil and clarity nectar - blemish spot treatment are specially formulated to tackle topical troubles in the form of acne!

tree tea oil for acne

What about tea tree oil? While tea tree oil for acne is a common treatment, it's not my favorite because it can be very drying and cause the skin to peel. There are many other more gentle treatment options that are powerfully effective, such as elaa's clarity - anti-acne skin rejuvenating elixir oil and clarity nectar - blemish spot treatment

the healing path

While skin challenges are never any fun to deal with, adopting a positive perspective and accepting the blessings of natural healing opportunities will take you beyond the bounds of what you have previously known to be possible. Natural acne home treatments will clear your skin and increase your health. Healing is a process and it takes patience, but as long as you stick with it and keep moving forward, your efforts will be rewarded with true and lasting health.  

Here are some carefully created items to help you heal acne and encourage radiant skin:

Clarity Nectar - Blemish Spot Treatment

Clarity Nectar is an organic natural acne spot treatment to create wonderfully balanced, crystal clear skin.

Size: 10 ml


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Rhassoul Matcha Skin Clearing Detox Mask

This powerful detox mask will draw toxins and impurities from your pores, soothe, cleanse, and nutrify skin, creating a crystal clear complexion and the softest skin ever. 

Size: 50 ml

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Clear Skin Tea

This Organic Clear Skin Tea Blend helps to create clear skin by supporting and detoxifying the liver and cleansing the blood. Enjoy this warming and healing Skin Detox Tea.

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After The Rain - Activated Oxygen Miracle Balm

Fully Ozonated Healing Treatment Balm for Face & Body

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Keratosis Pilaris: 10 Steps to a Cure

Jill Stacey



What Causes Keratosis Pilaris?

Keratosis Pilaris is a skin condition, also (unfortunately) known as "chicken skin," that is caused by a buildup of keratin. Keratin is the primary structural fibrous protein that makes up the outermost layer of skin. When excess keratin builds up it plugs the hair follicle and creates a bump. When multiple follicles become blocked, it creates rough skin that is covered in pink, brown, or white bumps. Keratosis Pilaris is most commonly found on the backs of the arms and legs, but can also be found on the face or back. 

Like all chronic skin conditions, the root cause of Keratosis Pilaris is the result of a internal imbalance. All chronic skin conditions indicate that the internal organs are not properly processing nutrients and/or toxins. Any toxins that build up in excess are pushed outward to the skin as a last resort for elimination, because the other elimination organs are not able to process the toxic load. Some skin conditions can also be caused by a lack of essential nutrients. 

To truly heal means to rectify the imbalance that is the root cause of the condition, which is internal  - and to use topical treatments in conjunction with the internal treatments.

How to Cure Keratosis Pilaris

Here are 10 steps to help you move towards healing Keratosis Pilaris:

1) try a temporary food elimination diet

Remove any foods from your diet that worsen your condition. Keratosis Pilaris is usually caused by food intolerances or food allergies. The number ONE cause of Keratosis Pilaris is the inability to process the Casein (dairy protein) found in all dairy products. Casein is a very common allergen and is particularly hard on people who have chronic illness. So, the first thing to do is to remove all dairy products from your diet right away.

I do like Colostrum - which is low in Casein and very healing to the gut and immune system. Click here for my favorite: Surthrival Colostrum or Sovereign Laboratories. And one of my most favorite dairy-free, casein-free high protein healing foods is, Collagen. This is the Collagen I eat daily.

I have seen first-hand Keratosis Pilaris go away completely when dairy was removed from the diet and come right back, as soon as it was added to the diet again. I, myself, was vegan for nearly a decade. Long term, I found that not eating animals foods or meat depleted my constitution too much, so I'm not recommended veganism here . . . but rather, detoxification and a healthy vegan diet when employed temporarily is detoxifying. Try reducing dairy and meat intake or trying a few weeks without out to see how you do. Just make sure you get enough plant protein during this time.

All animal proteins, when eaten excessively, can potentially cause Keratosis Pilaris, so also remove eggs, or any other animal products if the condition doesn't disappear after about a month after removing dairy first and second meat. I have had reports that eggs was the cause of KP for several people. 

Each food should be singled out and removed for at least 6 weeks to see if the Keratosis Pilaris improves. If it does, try adding it back in, if you'd like, and see if it makes things worse. If so, consider removing it from your diet completely or reducing the amount.

2) Eat a whole-food, real-food, gluten-free, low-glycemic diet

For treating Keratosis Pilaris (and for health in general) it is also important to eliminate: sugar, processed foods, fried foods, hydrogenated oils, and artificial ingredients. Allergy to gluten can also contribute to Keratosis Pilaris. In my opinion, gluten is not helpful for anyone, it is just hard for the body to process, even with no specific allergy present. As a final step, eat a low-glycemic diet - removing all sugars (even natural sugars like fruit or honey), starches, and carbohydrates (except for vegetables). Again, single out each individual food and remove it for at least 6 weeks to see if the Keratosis Pilaris improves.

3) Get plenty of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

The best sources of of Omega-3s are

3) Cleanse your system

Flush out the build-up toxins from foods or substances that are causing irritations in your system. The best way to remove congestion in the body is to cleanse with Colon Hydrotherapy. If you don't have a Colon Hydrotherapist near you, try enemas at home. Coffee Enemas are particularly powerful liver cleansers and are an ideal cleansing technique. I do coffee enemas at home four days per week. I consider them essential for anyone with skin conditions or chronic health issues. This is a great enema kit with everything you need. If you just can't fathom the idea of colonics or enemas, my favorite herbal formula is Intestinal Mover by Microbe Formulas. It is safe, gentle, and yet effective. While doing any detox, it is crucial to take a formula to absorb toxins that are being released so that they don't get reabsorbed in the colon. I suggest BioTox by Microbe Formulas. I use this regularly and it's a great full spectrum formula.

4) Balance your Intestinal Flora

When you have Keratosis Pilaris, one of the most important things you can do is to make sure that your intestinal flora is healthy. After cleansing or Colon Hydrotherapy, it’s important to repopulate your body with probiotics. Do not take grocery or drug store probiotics. They have no viability as far as living, quality probiotics. These are the probiotics I personally take and trust:

Terra Flora

Klaire Labs Ther-biotic Capsules

Klaire Labs Ther-biotic Powder

Genestra HMF

HLC High Potency Capsules

You can also make fermented foods at home for daily doses of Probiotics - make your own coconut water kefir, fully cultured kombucha, or sauerkraut and pickles. Do NOT eat fermented foods if you have Candida overgrowth. Get the Candida under control first.

5) Aid your Digestion with Enzymes

Lack of nutrient absorption can cause malnourished and dry skin and can contribute to Keratosis Pilaris. Digestive enzymes can help improve nutrient absorption and increase digestive fire. My favorite digestive enzymes are by Enzymedica.

6) Eat foods rich in Vitamin A & Vitamin C

Once possible nutrient deficiency that is at cause for Keratosis Pilaris, is Vitamin A. Without enough Vitamin A, the skin cells manufacture excess keratin. Keratosis Pilaris, again, is caused by the build up of excess keratin. The best sources of vitamin A are chlorophyll-rich foods like Spirulina or green food Blends, like Vitamineral Green or Pure Synergy.

Vitamin C reduces inflammation and is required for collagen formation, so it helps to keep the skin healthy. The best sources of Vitamin C are Acerola Cherry , Amla Berry, and Camu Camu Berry. I also use Liposomal Vitamin C daily, click here for my favorite. Vitamin C that is not inside liposomes is not well absorbed.

7) Eat Coconut Oil

There are a lot of claims from people who saw a reduction in their Keratosis Pilaris from applying coconut oil to it directly. Moisturizing is a huge help when it comes to Keratosis Pilaris, and coconut oil is wonderful for skin, but since Keratosis Pilaris is caused by internal issues, like all chronic skin conditions, try eating Extra Virgin Coconut oil instead to receive it's greatest benefits. Enjoy up to 3 tablespoons per day in meals. Tropical Traditions Gold Coconut Oil is the only Coconut Oil I use. Most Coconut Oil contains mycotoxins (mold), this one does not. The quality far surpasses any other coconut oil I've tried.

External Keratosis Pilaris Treatments

8) Use a Dry Skin Brush

If used regularly, a dry skin brush can have a transformative affect on Keratosis Pilaris. Dry Skin Brushing can help prevent the hair follicles from becoming clogged. Dry skin brushing also has many other benefits such as increasing circulation, treating cellulite, stimulate lymphatic drainage, and improving skin health and appearance.

Dry skin brush daily. Start at your feet and brush briskly in small, circular patterns toward your heart. Next, brush your hands, arms, torso, and neck. 

9)  Exfoliate

Natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids are the best topical treatment for Keratosis Pilaris. For Keratosis Pilaris, you'll want to exfoliate in two ways for best results, first by using Glow - Exfoliating Fruit AHA Dew, then by using a "mechanical" exfoliant - Pineapple Illuminating Polisher. The two types of exfoliants work together to most effectively renew skin and remove and prevent the hair follicles from getting clogged.

Prime the skin with Glow - Exfoliating Fruit AHA Dew, a natural Alpha Hydroxy Acid fruit and flower treatment that helps the skin turn over properly and treats Keratosis Pilaris. Glow - Exfoliating Fruit AHA Dew also helps with acne, hyperpigmentation, age spots, wrinkles, and Milia.

 Next, use a scrub over the areas of Keratosis Pilaris. Pineapple Illuminating Polisher is formulated to be gentle enough for face, so it is perfect for using over Keratosis Pilaris, without irritating it and revealing smoother, healthier skin. Leave it on as a mask for as long as possible prior to scrubbing, for best results in dissolving Keratosis Pilaris..

Practice this exfoliation routine daily, or at least 4 days per week until you see and feel an improvement in your Keratosis Pilaris.

Glow - Exfoliating Fruit AHA Dew

Glow Exfoliating Fruit AHA Dew is a burst of fresh fruit acids for a radiant glow and a brighter, more youthful complexion. A fresh and juicy fruit and flower treatment for removing dead skin cells, treating acne, diminishing hyperpigmentation or age spots, reducing Milia or Keratosis Pilaris, improving wrinkles and fine lines, or simply creating a gorgeous, healthy glow.

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Pineapple Illuminating Polisher

Reveal your radiant essence. This gentle, yet highly active microderm polisher leaves skin luminous. Pineapple enzymes renew the skin, while Velvet De Guérande tenderly buffs away dead skin cells and infuses it with rich minerals. Herbs and flowers calm, reduce inflammation, and cleanse the skin. Vitamins, bioflavonoids, and antioxidants revive dull and aging skin. You will glow with light shining from within. Refreshing, Reviving, utterly Illuminating!

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10) Moisturize & heal

Dry Skin can worsen Keratosis Pilaris, so it's important to moisturize as much as you can. Apply a 100% natural, nourishing moisturizer directly after bathing. Massage a  body oil over the areas of Keratosis Pilaris. Warming Oils stimulate circulation and help prevent or nourish dry skin, so they are beneficial for Keratosis Pilaris . For a warming body oil, try: Masala Chai Skin Restoring Body Oil - digestive support & skin circulation

For a calming, soothing, anti-inflammatory healing treatment for Keratosis Pilaris, try After the Rain - Activated Oxygen Miracle Balm. A super healing treatment for Keratosis Pilaris is Ozone! It's activated Oxygen, and yes the same element found in the atmosphere. It's miraculously healing.

After The Rain - Activated Oxygen Miracle Balm

Fully Ozonated Healing Treatment Balm for Face & Body

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Keratosis Pilaris is not a permanent condition you have to live with. By removing allergenic foods, eating a healthy diet with plenty of nutrients, removing built up toxins, and using the proper skin care techniques and products, you can be free of Keratosis Pilaris for good.


Disclaimer: makes no claims to diagnose, treat, prevent, mitigate, or cure diseases with any advice, information, or product(s). Any health related information on this site is for educational purposes only. None of the information should be misconstrued as medical advice. This site has not been evaluated by the United States Food & Drug Administration or any other administration. The ultimate responsibility for your choices and their effect(s) on your health are yours. No statements on the website have been evaluated by the FDA. No products are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


How to Get Clear Skin At Last - Natural Home Remedies for Acne

Jill Stacey

How to Get Clear Skin. . . At Last!

I personally struggled with Acne Vulgaris - or simply acne, pimples, blemishes, breakouts - for over 15 years. I have felt the pain and frustration associated with it. I often didn't want to see people or go out in public because of how I looked and felt. It was embarrassing and painful. I tried endless different products, pharmaceuticals, and skincare to try to find some relief. Everything I tried made my skin (and health) worse, rather than better. After many years of studying nutrition, health, and skincare, I finally learned how I could heal my skin. . . and miraculously, I did. I have had clear skin ever since. 

Acne (Acne Vulgaris) is an uncomfortable issue and a complex one. The reason it can be complex to treat and heal, is because there are many possible causes.

What Causes Acne? 

These include:
•    Unhealthy Diet
•    Toxic load in the body
•    Stress & Stored Emotions
•    Hormonal Acne: Hormone Imbalances can cause acne - increased insulin production can signal the body to release extra male hormones, called androgens, which are involved in excess sebum production, congested follicles, and thus acne formation. Also, sudden changes in hormonal balance, such as those brought about by pregnancy can have a huge affect on skin and acne. An imbalanced estrogen to progesterone ratio in the body will often lead to breakouts before, during, or after menstruation. Any other hormonal abnormalities will also have an affect on acne creation.
•    Medications - including some contraceptive pills, anabolic steroids, lithium, iodine-containing medications, and some anti-epileptic medications, can cause acne do to the imbalances they create in the body.

Antibiotics for Acne? 

Forget about antibiotics for acne! I took these for years from the age of 12 and they completely destroyed my health and ultimately caused my skin to get worse. Because I decimated my healthy internal flora with antibiotics for acne, I struggled with Candida overgrowth for over 23 years, among other complications. Clear skin requires a healthy digestive system, which needs to be populated with a plentiful and balanced array of intestinal bacteria or Gastro-Intestinal flora. Antibiotics destroy all the healthy bacteria in your body - bacteria that is needed for overall health, including immune and digestive health.

With all of these possible acne causes, what can I do?

Well, all of these causes in essence are an imbalance in the body. So, the key to to help your body get back in balance. Here are ways to do that:

Natural Home Remedies for Acne

Acne Diet


1) A healthy diet and body free of toxins is essential. A healthy diet is more about what you exclude than what you include!  A very acidic diet containing refined sugars and processed foods contributes to Acne Vulgaris.  A diet that is too heavy with animal products, especially dairy, can also contribute to acne. Some people do just fine with some animal products, like meat and eggs, but usually people that have skin conditions are people that don't and should experiment with a plant-based diet, at least for a period of time.

Foods to avoid
Regardless of what diet you choose, specifically steer clear of:

  • sugar, definitely refined, but even natural in excess
  • refined starches and grains
  • gluten
  • alcohol
  • caffeine
  • dairy products (especially pasteurized cow dairy)
  • all processed and chemical foods

Foods that are particularly beneficial

  • E3Live
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids: (Sprouted Chia & Flax seeds - look for Friendly Fats, Hemp, Pumpkin Seed, Seabuckthorn, Pomegranate - Seeds & Oils, Algae oils)
  • Marine Phytoplankton
  • fresh organic vegetables and vegetable juices
  • raw fermented foods
  • healthy fats like Coconut Oil, Avocados, and Sun dried Olives.
  • superfoods
  • herbs
  • wild foods
  • fresh organic fruits (in moderation) (berries are healthiest type of fruit)


Supplements & Herbs for Acne


Drink Water, Water, Water - spring water or the most pure water available!

Acne Detox

2) Detoxing is an absolutely essential way to get clear skin. Consider doing fasts and cleanses. These are one of the most important home remedies for pimples. Skin issues arise when your internal body is so overloaded with toxins that aren't being eliminated, so the toxins begin eliminating through the skin. A green juice fast for at least several days or weeks is intensely healing and alkalizing to the body and rejuvenating for skin. I highly recommend Colon Hydrotherapy in general and it should definitely be included as a part of any cleanse!

Regular exercise is essential not only for overall health, but also for clearing toxins. Also saunas, skin brushing, and massage. Other things to consider in cleansing the body are possible Candida overgrowth. You can find questionnaires online to test yourself.

Liver Cleanse for Acne

3) Acne Vulgaris can also be caused by poor fat metabolism. This means that the liver is not capable of fully digesting and assimilating all of the fat and oil entering the system. The health of the skin is often a reflection of the health of the liver. There are various ways to cleanse the liver. Drinking water with lemon every day helps. Eating Raw, Fresh, Organic Fruits and Vegetables is important. I like add large amounts of dandelion to my fresh juices for liver cleansing. Products like Liver Rescue and Clear Skin Tea are also simple daily ways to keep the liver healthy. Avoiding drugs, medications, and alcohol. Also look into doing liver flushes and cleanses, seasonally, or more frequently for a congested liver. For rapid and highly effective liver cleansing, coffee enemas are excellent.

Skin Care for Acne

4) Good skin care makes a significant difference! Immediately remove all chemical acne treatments, like benzoyl peroxide, or any other “medicated” products from your life! The chemicals and the drying effect are awful for skin health and overall body health. Look for products that are naturally antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antioxidant. 

Essential Oils for Acne

Beneficial Essential Oils to add to carrier oils, skin care products, or to apply neat (for certain essential oils take caution before applying neat, or dilute first) include: lavender, rosewood, eucalyptus, lemongrass, turmeric, geranium, grapefruit, sandalwood, vetiver, rosemary, niaouli, immortelle/helichrysum, thyme linalool, carrot seed, bergamot, chamomile, palmarosa, basil, cedarwood.

Tree Tea Oil for Acne? 

What about Tea Tree Oil? While tea tree oil acne is a common treatment, it's not my favorite because it can be very drying and cause the skin to peel.

Hygiene for Acne

5) Hygiene is also important. Change your pillowcase regularly and avoid touching your face with your hands unless you have just washed them.

There is no quick treatment or pill for skin health and healing. Pills and medications only cover over symptoms, create health problems, damage skin, and stop the possibility of healing. Healing is always a process. Natural Home Remedies for Acne are the only way to go - and it can take weeks or months to heal. Just take it step-by-step and take your time. Enjoy the loving process of coming into balance again.


Here are some caring items to help you on your acne healing path:

Clarity Nectar - Blemish Spot Treatment

Clarity Nectar is an organic natural acne spot treatment to create wonderfully balanced, crystal clear skin.

Size: 10 ml


Clear Skin Tea

This Organic Clear Skin Tea Blend helps to create clear skin by supporting and detoxifying the liver and cleansing the blood. Enjoy this warming and healing Skin Detox Tea.

Natural Eczema Treatment: The Causes of Eczema and The 5 Ways to Start Healing It

Jill Stacey


As I mentioned in the previous article about Rosacea, skin disorders are often the result of an internal imbalance. When the internal organs can no longer process the daily toxic load they're given, or when they're overwhelmed by unhealthy foods and chemicals, the skin acts as a conduit to release the toxins. Unfortunately, with what many consider a standard diet, overwhelm too often becomes normal, and we silence our internal cry for help by simply suppressing the symptoms of a chronic skin condition. While some natural topical remedies can help soothe and calm some skin conditions. Instead, often topical prescription medications that actually carry heavy risks are used to cover up the symptoms. But, the skin condition never goes away completely, or keeps coming back once the medication is stopped. This because the internal imbalance that is causing the skin condition in the first place needs to be addressed.

I'm going to continue the Skin Condition Series by exploring how to heal another well-known chronic skin condition: Eczema.

What is Eczema?

Eczema is a chronic skin condition that's usually characterized by the following:

  • severe skin dryness
  • red, swollen areas of the skin
  • the appearance of dry, red, flaking, blistering, and cracking rashes on the body.

It also comes with a variety of different names, and it would seem that there are many different types of eczema, but these actually only refer to where on the body the rashes tend to occur.

What causes Eczema?


There are four main causes of eczema.

1) Toxin exposure. As mentioned previously, excessive exposure to toxins will eventually overload the kidneys and liver, often causing the skin to take on the role of eliminating toxins since it has such a large surface area. This can lead to eczema or several other skin conditions.

2) Digestive issues. A low-quality diet can irritate or damage the lining of the intestine and reduce its ability to uptake nutrients and prevent toxins from crossing into the bloodstream.

3) Infection and Immune System Overload. An excess of bad bacteria, Candida, or parasites are common causes of Eczema. If the immune system is constantly fighting off one of these infections, it can also be unusually reactive  to what would otherwise be every day stimuli.

4) Low thyroid function. This ultimately leads to reduced circulation. Since nutrients are delivered by the blood while waste and toxins are removed by it, this leads to waste buildup on nutrient-deficient skin, which causes the rashes that are so characteristic of eczema.

What can I do for my Eczema?

There are five ways to naturally treat eczema:

1) Address any source of Infection, like Parasites or Candidiasis with a healing diet and herbs. (Look for a future blog post on a protocol.)

2) Eat the following beneficial foods:

  • Aloe Vera - fights inflammation and can also be applied topically.
  • Turmeric - A strong anti-inflammatory with many benefits, especially for those with skin conditions.
  • Burdock Root - A powerful anti-inflammatory that can help with most skin conditions, including eczema.
  • Horsetail - Helps the healing process and strengthens Skin - useful for rashes that crack.
  • Nettle - Helps relieve many chronic skin conditions, including eczema.
  • Coconut Oil - Increases blood flow to the skin, fights bacteria, and can be applied topically to moisturize and soften.

And include the following beneficial nutrients in your diet:

  • Chlorophyll - Fights bacteria, aids in wound healing.
  • Raw Fats and Cold Pressed Oils - Helps beautify the skin in many ways.
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids - Essential for body, brain, and skin health. The best vegan sources are E3Live, Golden Algae oil, sprouted flax and chia seeds - like in Friendly Fats, fresh hemp oil/seeds, walnuts, and Marine Phytoplankton.
  • Omega-6 Fatty Acids - Small amounts help acne, rosacea, psoriasis, and eczema.
  • Silica - Strengthens connective tissue for strong skin, hair, and nails. Horsetail is an excellent source.
  • Sulfur - Builds and repairs connective tissues for beautiful skin, hair, and nails. Helps detoxify the body and liver. Use plant-derived MSM.

3) Abandon dairy and rancid (cooked at too high a heat) fats (except coconut oil and olive oil). These have been shown to exacerbate eczema.

4) Do a few colonics to help restore the body's ability to detoxify itself through the colon rather than through the skin. Alternatively, warm-water enemas during a juice fast or a herbal cleanse will also help.

5) Choose an organic eczema treatment that will actually help heal and repair the skin without adding to its toxic load. Activated oxygen and azulene... what? YES!

Activated Oxygen or Ozone heals damaged tissues and hastens healing time. It kills bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Fully ozonated oil also activates the growth of new healthy skin cells and reduces inflammation. Azulene from Blue Cypress is also a potent anti-inflammatory.

It's my delight to introduce you to a revolutionary ozonated healing treatment balm for face and body that combines the power of ozone and potent essential oils. This pure and highly activated ozone balm was created for the most challenging skin conditions.

After the Rain - Activated Oxygen Miracle Balm brings together the power of fully ozonated olive oil (ozonated for weeks) with the addition of anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, antihistamine, and analgesic essential oils.  A miracle treatment for eczema.

If you follow these five steps, you should notice some relief of your symptoms right away, and, with time, it's possible that you will experience little or no eczema at all. As always, feel free to post your comments, questions, and personal experiences below! Especially, if you've tried any of the above methods and can offer what it was like for you.

After The Rain - Activated Oxygen Miracle Balm
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Fully Ozonated Healing Treatment Balm for Face & Body

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Natural Rosacea Treatment: 10 Ways to Heal from the Inside Out

Jill Stacey


Our bodies give us so much information about what they need, but in our culture we are often not accustomed to looking or listening. Our eyes can’t see inside our bodies and look at our body systems and organs. And in many cases we actually don’t need complex machinery and medical techniques to have an idea of what’s going on inside. We have been given a permeable window to view our own health: our skin. It's time to look, listen, and honor how much our skin tells us about what we need, what we’re lacking, and how we can heal ourselves.

In this spirit, I like to start sharing with you what you can learn from and do about skin conditions. I'll be sharing a series of articles about various skin conditions and how to make them a thing of the past. I've suffered with many skin conditions from the time of a few months old, so I know the pain, embarrassment, and frustration that is associated. I've healed my skin conditions and want to share with you how you can too.

The first skin condition I’ll be talking about is Rosacea.

What is Rosacea?

Affecting more than 14 million people in North America, Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that usually causes one or more of the following:

  • Red areas on the face
  • Small, often red bumps on or around the nose, cheeks,      forehead, and chin
  • Telangiectasia – small blood vessels near the surface      of the skin
  • An increased tendency to blush or become flush with      color

There are also two subtypes of rosacea – rhinophyma, which causes the nose to become red and bulbous, and ocular rosacea, which is characterized by a burning or gritty sensation in the eyes.

Why have topical treatments alone never healed my Rosacea completely?

All chronic skin conditions indicate that the internal organs are not properly processing nutrients and toxins. Anything that builds up in excess is pushed outward to the skin as a last resort for elimination. This dampens the skin’s ability to maintain a healthy, natural state, and often results in disorder. In Rosacea, the cause tends to be excess heat and toxins in the blood. While Rosacea is almost always “treated” topically, it is not a just a skin something that is happening on the surface of the skin. It expresses through the skin and shows up there, but it is the expression of something that is going on inside the body.  To truly heal means to rectify the imbalance that is the root cause of the condition, which is internal and use topical treatments in conjunction with the internal treatments.

What can I do for my Rosacea?

Here are 10 steps to help you move towards healing:

1) Remove Irritating Foods
While having a healthy diet is essential (and it can be a challenge to make complete dietary changes), what I mean here specifically is to remove any foods from your diet that worsen your condition. Each food should be singled out and removed for a week or two while seeing whether or not the rosacea improves. If it does, try adding it back in and see if it makes things worse. If so, consider removing it from your diet completely, as it’s harmful to your digestive system and will only hamper your body’s ability to absorb nutrients. For Rosacea, you will particularly need to avoid the following food items: ALL foods that heat the body or are strong in flavor, like all peppers, spices, and even garlic and onions. Also avoid alcohol, sugar, processed foods, fried foods, artificial ingredients, meat, eggs, dairy, and caffeine. (I don’t recommend ever adding any processed foods, sugar, or artificial foods back into your diet, even if you find they do not significantly worsen your Rosacea.)

2) Support your Liver & Cleanse Your Blood
Eat liver and gallbladder supporting foods. Try starting each morning with a breakfast of light fruits, such as papaya, grapefruit, pears, apples, cherries, or similar. For later in the day, eat mostly vegetables, especially leafy greens, and raw nuts or raw seeds.
Again, throughout the day, be sure to avoid alcohol, coffee, dairy products, and sugar. Drink huge amounts of water.

The best herbs for blood cleansing are Burdock Root, Nettle Root, Dandelion Root, Yellow Dock Root, Red Clover, Nettle Leaf, Oregon Grape Root, Pau D’Arco, Chaparral. Take in tincture, capsule, or tea form. Dandelion leaf, Cilantro, Spinach, Parsley, Grasses (like Wheatgrass and Barley Grass), and any high chlorophyll foods are especially great foods to eat or make into juice for cleansing the blood.

Herbs to add into your diet that support liver cleansing are milk thistle, dandelion root, and burdock root.

Here's my proprietary Organic Herbal Tea Blend that will provide excellent liver support, detoxification, and helps to cleanse the blood.


Clear Skin Tea

This Organic Clear Skin Tea Blend helps to create clear skin by supporting and detoxifying the liver and cleansing the blood. Enjoy this warming and healing Skin Detox Tea.

3) Colon Health
Cleansing the Colon is also essential. When you have a skin condition, you need more than just lots of fiber to help clear out the congestion and toxins that are causing your skin condition. The best way to do this is with Colon Hydrotherapy. If you have never had Colon Hydrotherapy before, you may need regular sessions for a while in order to really "clear out." There are also herbs that can be taken for colon cleansing. My favorite safe, gentle, yet effective blend is Intestinal Movement Formula by Healthforce.

4) Probiotics
When you have skin conditions, one of the most important things you can do is to take plenty of probiotics daily for healthy intestinal flora. After cleansing or Colon Hydrotherapy, it’s also very important to repopulate your system with probiotics. The best sources are supplementation with multiple non-dairy strains of good bacteria, my personal favorite is Friendly Force. Also non-dairy Kefir - try Coconut Water Kefir, fully cultured Kombucha, or fermented sauerkraut and vegetables and great things to have as a regular part of your diet.

5) Take Digestive Enzymes
Since skin disorders are usually caused by lack of nutrient absorption, digestive enzymes can help change this by increasing the amount of nutrients that are absorbed from food. I like Digestion Enhancement Enzymes, they are the most effective enzymes I've used. Many people with rosacea don’t produce enough stomach acid and should take hydrochloric acid supplements (betaine hydrochloride) before or after a meal (just be sure to keep the dosage low enough that you don’t experience any discomfort). Pancreatic enzymes are also important to supplement with, as many people with rosacea have been shown to have a deficiency in pancreatic lipase. If you are one of the ones who are deficient in this enzyme, and you also experience indigestion, both your symptoms and your indigestion will likely improve.

6) Take B Vitamins
A common problem among those with rosacea is deficiency of B vitamins. While a B-Vitamin complex can be helpful, the best ways to administer B-vitamins are either as patches or sublingually. Both methods have significantly higher Vitamin B absorption rates than through the digestive system.

7) Take Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple cider vinegar is often prescribed as a natural treatment for rosacea. It’s best to take in liquid form with water. Aside from being good for you body in all sorts of ways, it specifically helps with rosacea by restoring the proper balances of acid in the stomach and intestinal bacteria.

8) Take Natural Supplements, Herbs, and Foods
Other great things to include in your diet are: fresh Aloe Vera juice, Coconut Oil, Zinc and Selenium, and evening tea with soothing herbs like Chamomile and Rose Hips.

9) Do a Full-Body Detox
If your case of rosacea is more severe and simply won’t respond to any of the above, then a full body detox may be necessary to help.  The most simple way to do this is with a juice fast and a colon cleanse (regular colon hydrotherapy or an herbal colon cleansing formula and enemas), accompanied by clays like Bentonite and Zeolite to help absorb and carry the toxins out. This will eliminate toxins and remove any congestion in the liver. It will also allow more efficient functioning of the digestive system and other organs.

10) Soothe and reduce inflammation on the skin
The best topical ingredients to apply to skin that’s inflamed from rosacea are activated oxygen and azulene!

Activated Oxygen or Ozone heals damaged tissues and speeds up healing time. It kills bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Fully ozonated oil stimulates the growth of new healthy skin cells and reduces inflammation.

I'm excited to introduce you to a revolutionary ozonated healing treatment balm for face and body that combines the power of ozone and potent essential oils. This pure and highly activated ozone balm was created with the most challenging skin conditions in mind.

After the Rain - Activated Oxygen Miracle Balm brings together the power of fully ozonated olive oil (ozonated for weeks) with the addition of anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral, antihistamine, and analgesic essential oils. Azulene in Blue Cypress is a potent anti-inflammatory. An ideal treatment for Rosacea.

If you follow all of these steps, you should be well on your way to healing your rosacea from the inside out, and may find yourself free of something you always thought you simply had to live with.

After The Rain - Activated Oxygen Miracle Balm
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Fully Ozonated Healing Treatment Balm for Face & Body

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How to Choose Organic Face and Body Care

Jill Stacey

How  to  Choose  Organic  Face and Body Care

I apply the same principals to skin care as I apply to food. Both are entering my body, whether through my skin or through my mouth. Therefore, because I care about myself, I choose beneficial and healthy substances to eat and use on my skin. Unlike the food industry, there are no legal standards for personal care products sold in the United States, meaning that we need to be savvy when shopping for healthy skin care, or organic face and body care.

1. Become a Conscious Consumer

Read labels! If you can’t pronounce it, forget about it. And if it doesn’t sound natural, it probably isn’t. You might expect a product labeled “pure, natural and organic” to be, well … pure, natural and organic. But you might be in for a surprise. Because there are no legal standards for organic or natural personal care products sold in the United States, companies can, and often do, use these terms for marketing purposes. Just because a product is found in a natural foods store, for example, does not automatically mean it’s safe. Read and analyze the ingredient list carefully before buying.

All of the elaa products are pure, organic or wildcrafted, and natural. Rejoice in safe, natural, luxurious, and powerfully effective skin care!

2. If you wouldn’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin!

When you’re reading the contents of a bottle of shampoo, or any body care product, ask yourself “Would I eat this?” If I needed to, how would it feel inside my body? Even if you have no idea what an ingredient is, it’s very easy to get a gut-level instinctual reaction, especially when the ingredient you’re looking at is named Butoxyethanol, Nonoxynol-10, Propylene Glycol, and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Dioxane, or Ethanolamine.

The skin is our body’s largest organ. It is also our body’s first line of defense against disease. Our skin is easily damaged by external factors (chemicals, synthetics, pollution) and internal factors (poor diet, drugs, etc.).

Our skin is actually the primary means by which we absorb toxic substances. In fact, absorption by the skin is usually many times more efficient than ingestion. The skin absorbs chemicals into the bloodstream, which, in turn, are distributed throughout your body system. That is why there are medicinal patches for Hormone Replacement Therapy, or Nicotene patches. The chemicals are released slowly and absorbed quickly through the skin.

Even though many of the skin care products we put on our skin promise to beautify the skin, the chemicals and synthetic ingredients actually take a terrible toll on the skin and on our general health. Compounds in synthetic cosmetics and perfumes stay trapped in the fatty tissues under the skin and remain there for years. These synthetic compounds require massive amounts of energy for assimilation, absorption, and detoxification – and that’s energy that is being taken away from your health, your beauty, and your life!

3. Define what's Important to You

I have a vast array of criteria when formulating, creating, or selecting skin and body care. Define what your personal criteria for selecting organic facial products, skin care, or body products is.

This is my criteria for elaa products:

  • Natural and plant-based - free of synthetics of any kind.
  • Organic or Wildcrafted – free of chemicals and made from the most potent, living ingredients in nature.
  • Cruelty-free.
  • Raw – living natural ingredients that retain all their life energy, enzymes, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids.
  • Sustainably harvested ingredients
  • Hand-crafted in small batches - freshly made by an actual person, me, with great care and love.
  • Any non-local ingredients are Fair Trade.
  • Eco-friendly packaging and production practices
  • Made with the highest integrity and ethics.
  • Made with the highest quality ingredients possible.

4. Bring Your Own

What about when you go someplace where you are subject to their products, such as a hair or nail salon? Find a hair salon in your area that uses safe, natural products, or do it yourself at home. I have been performing my own pedicures at home lately, and when I do go to a salon, I bring my own toxin-free nail polish (base coat, color, and top coat). Every salon I’ve chosen to has been more than happy to use my products. Also, make sure the salon is well-ventilated; if the smell bowls you over when you walk in, choose a different salon.

Look for Nail Polish that is free of phthalates, formaldehdye, toluene, and acetate/acetone. Aquarella and Suncoat Water-based nail polish are safer brands. To check if your nail polish brand is safe visit the Skin Deep Database.

6. Stay Informed and Spread the Love

Sign up for elaa's Newsletter HERE to stay up to date on healthy, effective skincare.

Tell your friends and loved ones about those nasty, industrial skin care chemicals and share your healthy products with them. Choosing products that are natural, healthy, and close to nature is simple when you feel how beautiful, effective, and enjoyable they are!