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Spring Re-boot: Blossom this Spring with Organic Skin Care and Cleansing Rituals

Jill Stacey

I love the Spring! The sun is shining more each day, the birds singing their sweet melodies, trees are budding and flowers blooming. It's truly a time to revel in the magic of life and beauty of new beginnings. Today we remind ourselves of harmonizing with the changing of the seasons. . . and radiating from the inside out!


spring cleaning

Pretty much everyone gets inspired to do a little extra dusting and polishing around the house when Spring arrives. It seems like the perfect time to clear out and clean out, and the same goes for our inner terrain. Spring is an excellent time to tune in to the body's natural rhythms, and assist and support our temple as it opens itself to its own new beginnings.


cleansing tips

You can approach cleansing from many perspectives: physical, emotional, spiritual. . . Wherever you start, your efforts and energy will carry over to all parts of life. Cleansing is a tremendous way to open yourself up to the life that you are here to live. Lifting burdens, in whatever form they may take, reminds you of your true nature.


cleansing diet

Its a great idea to pay attention to what's available locally when making your food choices. Spring is an exciting time to shop for produce, with all sorts of beautiful offerings becoming available. Look for spinach, dandelion greens, peas, parsley, fennel, watercress and asparagus. Simple raw salads and juices are a wonderful way to incorporate these fresh and flavorful foods into the diet. Warm brothy soups with plenty of tender veggies help hydrate and nourish your cells.


juice cleanse

Feeling inspired to take it a step further? How about a juice cleanse? There are all sorts of approaches here, but low-glycemic green juices are my go-to. A juice cleanse can mean different things to different people at different times and phases of life. It might mean making the commitment to drink a pint of juice every day, in addition to a healthy whole-foods diet. Or, you might decide to abstain from solid foods for a period of time and just nourish, cleanse and detoxify with juices. Both of these have their own distinct benefits, and your choice to juice cleanse is totally personal and relative to your body's present needs.


detox bath

Its important to be consciously gentle with ourselves during times of transition. With the changing of the seasons, we might notice that our bodies are feeling a little bit sensitive. Spending quiet time with ourselves, nurturing and relaxing, assists the process. Beautiful warm baths early in the morning or in the evening time are a perfect way to do this. There are plenty of options for healing additions that can be placed in the water. Epsom salts will give you a nice boost of magnesium, which will deepen your relaxation and also support pretty much every process in the body. You might also choose to use another favorite salt, such as mineral rich Celtic Sea salt, Himalayan salt, or Dead Sea salt. Also consider adding a few drops of your favorite therapeutic grade essential oils to heighten the experience.


natural beauty products

After a nice rejuvenative soak, its impossible not to think about adorning your body with skin-loving & health-affirming goodness! Spring is the perfect time to clear out your bathroom cabinets of items that may not be serving your highest expression of health and beauty (do this before your bath :). Invite into your life high quality and effective skincare products. I invite you to explore Elaa Living Organic Skincare's offerings for your sacred being. Here you will find a wealth of products and ingredient information to help you soar to your highest heights. If you are ready for a skincare re-boot, feel free to be in touch so that I may help guide you to the perfect products for your skin. Looking for more support? I offer health (and/or beauty) coaching backed by extensive knowledge and personal experience and guided by heartful care.


spending more time outdoors

After your are glowing and adorned, be sure to head outside for some deep breaths of fresh Spring air.

Winter Beauty Tips - Self-Care for Your Whole Being

Jill Stacey

Winter Solstice has come and passed in the northern hemisphere, and each day we are seeing a little more light. Yet, we still have more days of winter to come. There are some strategies that can be adopted to ensure that we cherish the experience of winter to the fullest! Today we will look at ways to keep ourselves feeling healthy, cozy, and beautiful through the winter season. 

Eating with the Seasons

Over the past 50 years, the availability and diversity of foods available to us at grocery stores have changed dramatically. With food now being imported from every possible corner of the globe, many have fallen out of touch with the fact that certain foods can only be grown in certain climates, are only available seasonally, etc. If grapes were to be purchased in California during the month of March, the informed shopper would be aware that they were not grown locally. This brings us to a key point: eating food in season, and grown as close to home as possible, will bring your body the greatest health benefits.

Mother nature knows best, always! She offers us apples in the fall and dandelion greens in the spring with good reason. Nourishing roots grown deep in the ground provide us with tailored nutrients that our bodies crave and thrive on during the fall and winter, and as the weather warms up, we are attracted to the lighter side of things, flourishing on vividly colored foods with higher water contents.

The method of your food preparation might also shift in the wintertime. Some find that they are more balanced by adding in more cooked foods, depending on their own body and geographic location. Soups made with lovingly prepared broths, plenty of veggies, and warming spices might be just what you need to warm up on a chilly day. Healthy fats will help keep you in balance, inside and out (assisting in keeping the skin soft and moisturized). Hot teas made with immune-supporting herbs are also an excellent ally to prepare and consume daily in the winter.

Super Supplements

Everyone has different supplemental needs, but there are a few common threads that we can all benefit from during this time of year. Be sure to get plenty of good fats in your diet, such as the super important omega oils (in their proper ratios). Also, with less sunlight, consider getting your vitamin D level checked. This is a common deficiency, even if you spend a lot of time in the sun. When supplementing, look for this vitamin in the form of D3 (as Cholecalciferol) for the greatest support. Include plenty of supportive herbs in the form of extracts and teas. Look into herbs such as medicinal mushrooms (including Reishi, Chaga, Cordyceps and Argaricus Blazei), Siberian Ginseng, Ashwaganda, and Astragalus to support and balance your body and spirit.

Benefits of Exercise

Its easy to go into hibernation mode when its cold outside, but we can still find ways to move our bodies and break a sweat. Movement and sweating are really great for us, and most definitely support our body's immune system and natural cleansing processes.

Find ways to get your body in motion...whatever feels good and works for you. This might include activities such as stretching, walking, jogging, dancing...or get bouncing on your rebounder if you've got one!

Far Infrared Sauna

Breaking a sweat is also a wonderful way to support your physical body. A vigorous run will do it, but there are also other options, like enjoying a sauna regularly. Check out Far Infrared (FIR) Saunas if you've never done so before...they are an amazing way to induce sweating and encourage deep cleansing. Following the sauna with a cold plunge or cold rinse in the shower (hot/cold therapy) provides incredible benefits to your entire being, with special emphasis on lymphatic drainage, circulation, detoxification, and immunity.


This sort of circulation stimulation can also be achieved through a hydrotherapy shower. You simply rotate between hot and cold water while in the shower, making sure to reach every part of your body. If there is an area that is particularly sensitive or congested (such as swollen lymph nodes, stuffy sinuses, or sensitive kidneys, for example), be sure to pay special attention to that part of the body. Ideally you want to be in a hydrotherapy shower for about 15 minutes, so moving through seven rotations of hot/cold (keep the hot water on for 1 minute, then completely cold for 1 minute, repeat) works out perfectly. You will feel absolutely invigorated and refreshed once you have finished!

Spa Ritual

Most everyone spends more time indoors during the winter. What a perfect opportunity to practice self-care and spend some quality time with oneself! How about turning the bathroom into your own spa, where you can encourage and inspire your spirit with an ever-evolving self-care ritual. . .

Homemade Bath Soak

Baths are always my go-to number one choice if I'm in need of relaxation, nourishment, or detox. Before you get into the water, try a little dry skin brushing to stimulate the lymphatic flow in your body. Using a body scrub, like Elaa's Pumpkin Pie Body Scrub will also stimulate circulation, drainage, with the added benefit of exfoliating your skin and leaving it silky soft. You might also add some special essential oils to the tub, such as Elaa's WINTER REJUVENATION BLEND as a method to nourish your skin and calm your spirit. I also always include things like Epsom Salts, Mineral Salts, Clays, and Baking Soda for detoxification. Follow the bath with your choice of nourishing, Skin Restoring Body Oils or Body Butters.


Foot Bath

If you aren't in the mood to fully submerge, a foot bath is a brilliant option. This gives you the chance to direct some special attention to your precious feet. The feet are a major path of elimination for the body - toxins can be drawn out through the feet quite easily. Consider a moisturizing essential oil blend, clay for detoxification, or Epsom Salts (rich in magnesium) for relaxation and immune support. Follow your foot bath with a rich body butter to deeply restore and seal in extra moisture. Elaa's delectable Skin Restoring, Age Defying Body Butters are the perfect treatments for feet and hand beauty and softness.


At Home Facial

Loving Home Facials are something that I highly support and encourage! They are a great way to tune into your body's needs and create a luminous glow, while taking time to cherish yourself. For amazing customizable home facial options, check out Elaa's CLEANSERS, EXFOLIANTS, and MASKS. Finish these fun and gorgeous treatments with TONER, SERUM, TREATMENT, and MOISTURIZER of your choice. I also invite and encourage you to read over past blog articles, where common skin complaints are addressed, along with many tips for facials!


Skin Care Routine

Winter is the perfect time to really dial in your overall skin care routine, and discover what works best for you in terms of optimized choices. Make sure to use products created with integrity, and only those made with truly healthy, skin-loving ingredients. If you are interested in trying out some of Elaa's product offerings for the first time, a good way to go is the SAMPLE PACK, where you can select from a variety of different options suited to your own skin and desires. And as always, I welcome your questions and would love to assist you in finding the perfect skin care products for your needs!

My Winter Beauty Tips - How to Get Rid of Dry Skin

Jill Stacey


I've been talking to several clients lately who are experiencing severely dry and flakey skin. So, I wanted to offer some tips for skin hydration, especially during this cold and dry time of year.

Here are my top tips for soft skin and staying warm this winter:


Stay Hydrated Internally

The root of skin dehydration is usually a lack of internal hydration. It's extremely important to stay hydrated all of the time, especially during the winter when there is less of a desire for water and when skin tends to dry out. Drink fluids throughout the day - half your weight in ounces of spring water. If room temperature water is too cool for you, heat it up. Add a squeezed wedge of lemon. Lemon is also great for alkanizing the body and cleansing the liver. I drink hot herbal teas all day long. Try more moisturizing herbs in your teas like Irish Moss, Red Clover Blossom, Marshmallow Root, and Fennel Seed. For hydration - to only drink herbal teas, and stay away from caffeine. Caffeine will cause more dehydration Also, try adding raw ginger or a dash of cayenne to drinks or dishes to boost blood circulation and immune function.

Eat more Healthy Fats and Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids

Eating more healthy fats beautifies, plumps, and moisturizes your skin. It also warms your body from the inside out:

Here are the best sources of plant-based fats:

Raw Virgin Coconut oil

Sacha Inchi Oil

Raw Oils like Pumpkin Seed, Camelina, Black Cumin Seed, Chia, FRESH - Hemp or Flax

for women: Evening Primrose, Borage

Raw Seeds like Hemp Seeds, Chia Seeds, Flax seeds, Pumpkin, and Sunflower seeds

Raw Nuts, especially brazil nuts, almonds, walnuts, and macadamia nuts

Olives and Extra Virgin Olive oil


* Only use Extra Virgin Olive oil or Coconut oil when cooking

Get your Vitamin D

If you are not getting sun on your skin daily for at least 30 minutes, take at least 4000 IU or more per day. I needed to 10,000 IU when I lived in Seattle. If you are getting sun, still take 2000 IU per day.


Eat warming foods

True and lasting bodily warmth comes from eating the right balance of roots, herbs, and spices for your body.

In general, foods that take longer to grow are generally more warming than foods that grow quickly.

Some foods and spices that are warming include: squash, carrots, sweet potatoes, yams, rutabagas, turnips, garlic, leeks, onions, cardamon, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, cayenne, black or hot pepper.

In particular, focus on eating and drinking as tea:

ROOTS like Ginger Root, Astragalus Root, Burdock Root, Nettle Root, Marshmallow Root, Yacon Root, Dandelion Root, Carrot, Rhubarb Root, and many more.

BARKS like Cinnamon bark, Pau d' Arco, Slippery Elm Bark, and White Oak Bark.

SPICES like Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Cloves, and Anise (These support both intestinal and respiratory function). Also great are Chili Powder, Paprika, Cayenne, Turmeric, and Cumin.



Cleanse with care

Be very cautious not to cleanse skin too often or use a harsh cleanser. elaa cleansers are gentle and nourishing. During the winter, try cleansing no more than once per day. You can also try a mask or spray with a toner and wipe with a cotton pad instead.

Rehydrate throughout the day

Rehydrate skin frequently throughout the day with a hydrating mist, which will work even over makeup. I also reapply my favorite moisturizer, like Bee Beauty or Superfood Dream Cream several times per day.

Bathe with moisturizing herbs

If you take baths, bathe with moisturizing herbs such as rosebud, lavender flowers, calendula, and chamomile flowers.

Moisturize after bathing

Make sure to apply nourishing moisture throughout the day, and especially after bathing when your pores are open and most receptive to moisture.


If you implement these nutritional and skin care practices into your daily life, you should see a reversal of your dry skin in no time. And you'll stay nice and toasty this winter. . .


Healthy Holiday Eating: How to eat healthy, keep your figure, and feel vital this Holiday Season

Jill Stacey


The holidays are time we come together with the people in our lives and rejoice. Food and drink is a natural part of festivities and spending time together, but, we don’t have to be the victim of holiday fare. There is a way to enjoy it, without gaining weight, negatively affecting our health, or feeling sluggish and bloated afterwards.

Here are my top 7 tips for a healthy holiday:


1) Eat Beforehand

Eat something healthy before go to the event or gathering. If you’re on the run and don’t have time to prepare something, grab some nuts, goji or golden Berries, kale chips, or veggies to eat on the way. Another way to already feel satiated before heading to a part full of food is to drink plenty of fluids like water, tea, or green juices beforehand. Sometimes when we feel hungry, we are really just dehydrated. Drinking plenty of water helps to make sure that we only eat the amount of food that we really need.


2) Make a dish or two

Make your favorite healthy party recipes and add a twist to traditional holiday fare. Or, if you prefer the classic dishes, you can make a healthy version of any holiday recipe. Make a low-carbohydrate dish with all-natural, whole-food ingredients. Avoid refined or processed ingredients, including sugar, salt, and flours. Instead of sugar, choose honey or dates. Or for a low-glycemic sweetener, use coconut palm sugar, xylitol, or stevia. Instead of processed table salt, use sea salt, which is mineral-rich and good for health, like Himalayan Salt or Celtic Sea Salt. Instead of white or processed flours, use whole food, low-glycemic alternatives like Almond, Coconut, or Hazelnut flours.

If you’d like to bring a sweet treat, there are also endless healthy recipes online for scrumptious desserts. When making desserts, again always avoid sugar and refined flours. The best way to find the healthiest dessert recipes is to search online for raw dessert recipes. Both will use healthy sweeteners and contain no refined or processed ingredients, and will have the best recipes for avoiding weight gain and tasting delicious at the same time.


3) Be "present" at the buffet table

Survey the buffet table before filling your plate. Try to fill your plate with salads and vegetables, nuts, fruit. Avoid sugary foods, white flour foods, and starches like white mashed potatoes (sweet potato or yams are a much better option). Enjoy any favorite “treats” in small portions, after you’ve had plenty of water and healthier options first. Then, savor your the “indulgent” dishes to satisfaction, without overeating.


4) Watch what you drink too

If you’re drinking alcohol, stick to wine, but set a limit. Sip on water throughout the night - sparkling water makes you feel more full and has more of a celebratory feel.


5) Eat lightly or fast after a holiday meal

You can’t gain weight from one meal. Gaining one pound requires eating 3,500 calories above what you normally take in. So, only multiple holiday fare indulgences will affect your weight. One way to lose weight or maintain weight during the holiday season is to eat normally one day, then fast the next day and keep alternating this pattern. This practice boosts metabolism. It you’re not a fan of fasting, an easier option is to just eat very lightly (veggie juices, salads, and vegetables) the day before and after a holiday gathering.


6) Increase exercise

A consistent increase in exercise can help to prevent weight gain from extra holiday eating. The intensity of the exercise will have to balance the amount of additional food to be affective. Do remember that while exercise may help prevent weight gain and reduce stress that can cause overeating, it cannot prevent the health effects of unhealthy food.


7) Notice Why you are eating

Very sadly in our world, food is often used as a substitute for love. Especially holiday food can remind us of good times with our families, like the safety and comfort we felt surrounded by family and food as we celebrated the holidays. The smells and sights of holiday food can also remind us of conflict with our families, or be a way to fill the love that we feel is missing inside us. Food becomes a way to comfort, distract, and feed the parts of us that feel alone, or the parts of us that are looking for love. This is one of the most compelling reasons why we overeat over the holiday season.

By taking the space to observe what you are eating, having fun making delicious healthy recipes to share, moving your body more, and a feeling your feelings so that you don’t overeat to compensate or cope, you can assure that you are truly caring for yourself this holiday season.