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    Natural Beauty & Healthy Vitality. elaa honors You and passionately offers Living / Raw, Organic Skin Care  made with only the finest, most active, nutrient-dense superfoods, plant nectars, and essential oils to help you soar. These raw skin care products are also Vegan or Beegan, Gluten-free, Cruelty-free, and 100% Natural for a more alive, transformed, and radiant you. elaa also offers Health Coaching or Natural Beauty Coaching for a more vital and healthy you. At elaa you'll find:

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Spring Re-boot: Blossom this Spring with Organic Skin Care and Cleansing Rituals

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Spring Re-boot: Blossom this Spring with Organic Skin Care and Cleansing Rituals

Jill Stacey

I love the Spring! The sun is shining more each day, the birds singing their sweet melodies, trees are budding and flowers blooming. It's truly a time to revel in the magic of life and beauty of new beginnings. Today we remind ourselves of harmonizing with the changing of the seasons. . . and radiating from the inside out!


spring cleaning

Pretty much everyone gets inspired to do a little extra dusting and polishing around the house when Spring arrives. It seems like the perfect time to clear out and clean out, and the same goes for our inner terrain. Spring is an excellent time to tune in to the body's natural rhythms, and assist and support our temple as it opens itself to its own new beginnings.


cleansing tips

You can approach cleansing from many perspectives: physical, emotional, spiritual. . . Wherever you start, your efforts and energy will carry over to all parts of life. Cleansing is a tremendous way to open yourself up to the life that you are here to live. Lifting burdens, in whatever form they may take, reminds you of your true nature.


cleansing diet

Its a great idea to pay attention to what's available locally when making your food choices. Spring is an exciting time to shop for produce, with all sorts of beautiful offerings becoming available. Look for spinach, dandelion greens, peas, parsley, fennel, watercress and asparagus. Simple raw salads and juices are a wonderful way to incorporate these fresh and flavorful foods into the diet. Warm brothy soups with plenty of tender veggies help hydrate and nourish your cells.


juice cleanse

Feeling inspired to take it a step further? How about a juice cleanse? There are all sorts of approaches here, but low-glycemic green juices are my go-to. A juice cleanse can mean different things to different people at different times and phases of life. It might mean making the commitment to drink a pint of juice every day, in addition to a healthy whole-foods diet. Or, you might decide to abstain from solid foods for a period of time and just nourish, cleanse and detoxify with juices. Both of these have their own distinct benefits, and your choice to juice cleanse is totally personal and relative to your body's present needs.


detox bath

Its important to be consciously gentle with ourselves during times of transition. With the changing of the seasons, we might notice that our bodies are feeling a little bit sensitive. Spending quiet time with ourselves, nurturing and relaxing, assists the process. Beautiful warm baths early in the morning or in the evening time are a perfect way to do this. There are plenty of options for healing additions that can be placed in the water. Epsom salts will give you a nice boost of magnesium, which will deepen your relaxation and also support pretty much every process in the body. You might also choose to use another favorite salt, such as mineral rich Celtic Sea salt, Himalayan salt, or Dead Sea salt. Also consider adding a few drops of your favorite therapeutic grade essential oils to heighten the experience.


natural beauty products

After a nice rejuvenative soak, its impossible not to think about adorning your body with skin-loving & health-affirming goodness! Spring is the perfect time to clear out your bathroom cabinets of items that may not be serving your highest expression of health and beauty (do this before your bath :). Invite into your life high quality and effective skincare products. I invite you to explore Elaa Living Organic Skincare's offerings for your sacred being. Here you will find a wealth of products and ingredient information to help you soar to your highest heights. If you are ready for a skincare re-boot, feel free to be in touch so that I may help guide you to the perfect products for your skin. Looking for more support? I offer health (and/or beauty) coaching backed by extensive knowledge and personal experience and guided by heartful care.


spending more time outdoors

After your are glowing and adorned, be sure to head outside for some deep breaths of fresh Spring air.