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Oil Pulling - How to take this beneficial health technique to the next level

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Oil Pulling - How to take this beneficial health technique to the next level

Jill Stacey

what is oil pulling?

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic technique utilized in obtaining a balanced, healthy, happy, and fresh oral and total-body environment. The simple practice of swishing oil in the mouth on a regular basis, can have vast benefits. This age-old practice promotes the health of the entire body, assisting our natural processes of cleansing and detoxification.

coconut oil is great for oil pulling

coconut oil is great for oil pulling


how does it work?

Oil pulling is an extraordinarily gentle practice. . . one which your teeth and gums will thoroughly appreciate. Through the swishing action, moving the oil through the mouth, toxins and undigested particles are released from deep, tough to reach crevices. In addition, the swishing stimulates the salivary glands. The saliva helps to further dislodge layers of plaque and unhealthy bacteria. The oil, acting as a sort of solvent and binder, traps the undesirable particles for their removal from the mouth. All of this happens in a way that is caring and supportive, without causing any disruption to the teeth or gums.

benefits of oil pulling

With conventional home dental care, imbalances are common. Considering the inner environment of the mouth, its easy to see how it can become a breeding ground for viruses, harmful bacteria, parasites and fungi...along with all of their unappealing byproducts. When the balance is tipped to the side of these unwanted guests, cavities, gum inflammation, less than fresh breath, and other problems (sometimes systemic) develop. It is known that a healthy oral environment is supportive of a healthy body overall, so its more than important to be proactive in taking great care of this part of ourselves. As balance is achieved here, our entire body burden is decreased, assisting everything from our immune system to our heart.

healthy mouth

This pleasant practice is capable of completely transforming your oral health! Oil pulling is known to have a positive effect on issues like bleeding gums, gingivitis, cavities, and inflammations of all sorts. It assists in moisturizing the gums and balancing the ratios of healthy bacteria, thereby encouraging fresh breath. It is a simple practice of loving self-care that has tremendous benefits.

best tooth whitener

Oil pulling is an excellent natural tooth whitener. If you stick with the practice long enough, you are sure to experience beautiful shiny white teeth. 

ayurveda and oil pulling

In addition to Ayurveda's embracing oil pulling for oral health, it is also said by practitioners that it works to treat a wide variety of imbalances in the body. This is in alignment with what we talked about earlier: oral health is important to the health of the entire body. 

oil pulling and total body health

It is said that the methodical swishing of certain types of oils assists in the flushing of the lymphatic system. As harmful bacterial overgrowths are brought in to check, beneficial microflora are able to repopulate in healthy balance. As the burden on the immune system decreases, deep healing begins to happen. 

Headaches, skin troubles, and asthma are amongst the conditions that Ayurvedic practitioners say are commonly improved through the use of oil pulling. Hormonal imbalances have been said to be corrected, symptoms of bronchitis and sinus congestion reduced, better sleep quality enjoyed, the inflammation of arthritis reduced or eliminated, and healthy kidney function restored.

oil pulling and radiant skin

Oil pulling is also known to support a clear and radiant complexion. As the microflora come into balance in your mouth, oral infections are cleared, and systemic health shifts towards a state of equilibrium. The immune system begins to repair itself, and the organs of elimination are able to devote energy to other important tasks. Allergic rashes and all forms of eczema have been known to reduce and clear. Acne is reduced, and in conjunction with targeted healing practices and a healthy lifestyle, eliminated.

does oil pulling work?

In my experience, yes! Oil pulling has greatly assisted in the total transformation of my teeth and gums.

And what has taken my oil pulling process to the next level has been the use of ozonated oils!


what is ozone?

Ozone or O3 is Activated Oxygen (O2). Ozone contains three atoms of oxygen rather than the two atoms that Oxygen contains. The additional atom of oxygen becomes a powerful, highly active element. It destroys pathogens, like bacteria, viruses, fungi, odors, and is a potent detoxifyer. Only pure oxygen is left behind as the byproduct.

When oxygen combines with UV rays from the sun, Ozone is created. Ozone protects the Earth by attaching to pollutants and purifying the air we breathe. It is used to disinfect water, pools, medical environments. It is also used in the treatment a variety of diseases including Cancer and Lyme Disease.** I personally have used Ozone intra-venously, through insufflation, internally, and topically extensively for my own medical treatment.**  The additional atom in ozone, makes it unsafe to breathe when in a concentrated form, this is why it needs to be infused into the body directly or into other substances in order to be utilized.

the ozone layer of the atmosphere

the ozone layer of the atmosphere

what is ozonated Oil?

Ozone, which is naturally a part of the atmosphere, can be created by flowing oxygen through an electrically charged tube. Ozone gas dissipates very quickly - one way to capture and preserve it is to bubble it through an oil.

For Elaa's products, the process starts with raw, cold pressed organic olive oil. The oil goes through an extended process where ozone is bubbled through it. The process of fully infusing the oil with ozone takes weeks or months. Once fully ozonated, the oil becomes a very thick gel. It is solid and will not flow like an oil. Specific essential oils are then introduced for their additional therapeutic benefits. No plastics or metals ever touch the oils, as these materials ozone can leech into the oils. The result: A revolutionary product that encourages optimum health.

ozonated oil pulling

We have learned of the benefits of oil its time to introduce Ozonated Oil Pulling! The process is amplified exponentially with the use of ozonated olive oil and essential oils. Every cell in the mouth will be deeply stimulated, with an accelerated process of cleansing and healing. Existing pain and inflammations are quickly soothed, and swelling and redness subsides. The glands in the mouth are directly affected as well, working to clear out often unnoticed subclinical infections. Ozonated oil pulling does everything standard oil pulling does, but it works deeper, faster, and more thoroughly.

introducing a transformative ozonated oil pulling product!

Elaa is super excited to introduce the newest product to the line: fresh breeze -ozonated oral care gel. With two distinctive blends of essential oils blended with ozonated with organic raw olive oil, this is the next level in oil pulling!

how to do oil pulling

The practice at its most simple involves swishing 2-3 teaspoons of the oil of your choice (if using regular oil) first thing in the morning for 15-20 minutes. With fresh breeze -ozonated oral care gel you only need a pea sized amount to get powerful effects. You can also add this 'pea' of fresh breeze -ozonated oral care gel to a larger amount of the oil of your choice. This should be done on an empty stomach and before drinking any water. You can choose any oil that you like, noting the specific properties of each oil (Sesame oil is warming, coconut oil cooling, etc). Olive, sesame and coconut oil are the most popular choices, and all work well. Once the time is up, spit out the oil and rinse very well with sea salt water. Its a nice idea to cleanse with a brush at this point, to ensure that you remove any remaining undesirables.

Here is a step-by-step user guide for Elaa's fresh breeze -ozonated oral care gel:

*Start with a pea size of fresh breeze -ozonated oral care gel, placed in the mouth. Add additional oil of your choice for larger volume and even better effects, if you like

*Swish well, pushing and pulling the oil thoroughly, and taking care to reach every part of the mouth. Close your eyes and tune into the process, visualizing where the oil is and where it needs to go. Give extra attention to areas that you feel require extra healing. 

*Continue this process for 20 minutes, and then expel the oil from the mouth into a toilet or garbage (it will clog up your sink).

*Mix some sea salt with warm water and swish around well in mouth, removing the remaining oil residues. Repeat this a few times until you feel the oil is completely removed.

*Follow with doublemint probiotic toothpaste to further remove any lasting remnants that do not serve your best possible health, along with bringing a fresh burst of vital and deeply healing nutrients to the mouth. You may then take a dab of fresh breeze -ozonated oral care gel and rub it into your gums if you like. You can also brush with fresh breeze -ozonated oral care gel in the evening when not oil pulling.

Fresh Breeze - Ozonated Oral Care Gel

Fresh Breeze - Activated Oxygen Oral Care

Ozonated oils are extraordinarily effective and powerful tools for achieving optimum oral health.


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