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What Makes For the Best Natural Deodorant?

Jill Stacey

Body odor is one of those earthly delights - or offenses - that is intrinsically a part of our daily lives. For many, body odor is a battle. I look at it differently.

What causes body odor?

It may be a surprise to hear that sweat itself is actually odorless. So, what causes body odor? Body odor is created when bacteria proliferates in sweat and breaks down protein into acids. Each person's odor is unique to the individual, but it can be strongly affected by medications, health, and diet. 

How do conventional deodorants work? 

Chemical deodorants, antiperspirants, and perfumes work by, essentially, doing battle against our bodies' natural processes. 

How do they do this?

1. They kill all bacteria that naturally lives on the skin, including beneficial bacteria. Once the balance of bacteria is destroyed, our bodies are left defenseless against pathogen bacteria because healthy bacteria is no longer there to fight it. This causes both susceptibility to infections and bodily imbalances of all kinds, as well as, body odor.

2. They coating the skin in synthetic chemicals and metals, like aluminum, that are toxic to your health, and have been linked to breast and prostate cancer.

3. Antiperspirants block the sweat glands, which has a negative affect on our health. Many toxins and pathogens in the body are flushed out through sweat. Preventing this natural cleansing of the body can cause more infections short term and eventually, create disease.

If chemical deodorants, antiperspirants, and synthetic perfumes are linked to cancer, reproductive disorders, and hormonal imbalances, why would we use them? If chemical deodorants, antiperspirants, and synthetic perfumes work against all of the natural processes that help to keep the body healthy and odor-free, why would we use them? 

The Best Natural Deodorant

It's not really common knowledge in our culture how to care for ourselves without using medications and chemicals to suppress symptoms. It's less common these days that people are in-tune with our natural processes and know how to create a healthy body in the way nature-intended. I certainly grew up using all the conventional drug-store brands, using medications, and eating a sugary processed-food diet. Once I developed multiple chronic diseases, I knew something wasn't right. Once I started eating a healthy, real-food, no sugar diet and removed all chemical skin and body care products from my life, not only did my illnesses resolve, but so did any issues with body odor.

I've haven't had any "bad" smelling body odor for over a decade. What are my secrets?

  1. I eat an organic, plant-based, no sugar diet. Low odor, healthy foods = a low odor body. A diet high in red meat has been shown to cause body odor. It's also a good idea to limit the potency and frequency of pungent foods like garlic and curry, if your are concerned about body odor.
  2. If you do sweat a lot, natural fiber clothing allows air flow and thus has less potential to harbor sweat and bacteria growth.
  3. I'm a proponent of excellent hygiene, but not stopping the body's healthy, natural processes - like stripping the body of it's natural oils and good bacteria. Daily bathing and harsh soaps are not good for your skin or its processes (the skin being the largest organ of the body).  Instead of showering daily, washing glandular areas of the body, including the armpits, with a warm wet washcloth (and a dab of natural, gentle soap or body wash, if necessary) can help to remove odor causing bacteria.
  4. And, finally, I use deodorants that work in beautiful harmony with the body's natural processes.

I was never able to find deodorants on the market that did this on multiple levels, so I created them! 

elaa deodorants promote the growth of healthy bacteria on the skin, and use the by-products that the bacteria produces as an ingredient to co-create a natural and wonderful scent.

How do these Deodorants Work? 

These deodorants are a concentrated, alchemical blend of the most effective deodorizing ingredients available.

Probiotics. Most of us know about the benefits of healthy flora (bacteria) in our GI Tract. Our skin is host to millions of beneficial bacteria as well. Probiotics help to balance the bacteria on your skin, in a similar way that they balance the bacteria in your digestive system. Our skin requires great care because it is our body's first line of defense against disease. The skin acts as a physical, chemical (sweat, skin, tears, mucus), and bacterial barrier against pathogens. The flora, or beneficial bacteria on the skin prevent bad bacteria from proliferating and causing infection. Probiotics on the skin also help with cellular renewal, skin conditions, acne, wrinkles, skin discoloration, and skin tone and texture. 

Wheatgrass is a powerful detoxifier, helping to purify the body. When applied to the underarms over the lymph in that area, it works to remove toxins and eliminate body odor. It is 70% chlorophyll, which is cleansing and healing to the body. Chlorophyll also stops the growth of unfriendly bacteria.

Sandalwood inhibits bacteria and stops many harmful microorganisms from growing. It's even used to disinfect entire living spaces and treat many types on bodily infections. It's a powerful anti-inflammatory agent that cools and relaxes the skin. It can help relieve inflammation in nearly every organ, including the delicate tissues of the brain. It's especially active on the circulatory and nervous systems.

Dead Sea Salt is a nutrient-rich, moisture-rich salt extracted and dried from the marshes of the Dead Sea. It is one of the best therapeutic salts available. The salt in most oceans is approximately 97% sodium chloride while Dead Sea salt is only 12-18% sodium chloride. Dead Sea Salt is a powerful detoxifier and anti-microbial. Dead Sea Salt greatly helps the body to remove toxins through the skin. Besides its ability to prevent the growth of bad bacteria, the therapeutic effects of Dead Sea Salt are numerous. Dead Sea Salt is mineral-dense the magnesium, calcium, potassium, bromides, and other minerals found in the salt are easily absorbed by the skin and help to calm the nervous system, increase circulation, and soothe aches and pains, ease rheumatoid arthritis, slow aging, and relieve skin conditions such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, skin allergies, skin infections, cellulite, wrinkles, blackheads, and dry skin. 

Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda) is similar to Dead Sea Salts, in that it is comprised of various minerals, it is detoxifying, cleansing, and deodorizing. It also is ideal for oral care, it softens skin, and it soothes with burns and bites.

 Aloe Vera is a succulent desert plant. The leaves contain a gel-like substance that has countless rejuvenating properties. It is anti-inflammatory and is one of the most soothing plants in the world. It is a wonderful treatment for skin conditions of all kinds, as well as burns, wounds, and rashes. It also softens the skin and helps to smooth wrinkles and create the look of firmer skin.

Essential Oils. There are several scents of this probiotic deodorant to choose from. The aromas of these natural deodorants are glorious, and the essential oils used to create the scents are one of the most significant reasons why these deodorants works so well. The alchemical blend of therapeutic essential oils in each bottle are chosen not only for their scent profiles, but also for their for deodorizing, anti-microbial effects. They kill bad bacteria and promote healthy bacteria. Each essential oil also has multiple skin and health benefits. The amount of essential oils in each bottle is highly concentrated, allowing for superior odor protection, therapeutic benefit, and anointing you with an incredible aroma.