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Fall Skin Care Tips

Jill Stacey


This past weekend was the Autumnal Equinox. As the seasons change, it is important to also make changes in our skin and health care routines. The air outdoors is cooler and drier, and the air indoors becomes drier as we turn on the heat. Our skin and hair has also just been exposed to a lot of elements all summer. Extra care and repair is now natural and important as we move into Autumn.

Autumn Cleansing & Support

For balance, harmony, and lovely skin, I recommend cleansing or fasting during the week of the autumnal equinox. If cleansing or fasting is not for you, eliminating all sugar, dairy, gluten, fried foods, and meat for several weeks is very helpful for decongesting your system and strengthening your immune system. You will definitely feel an increase in energy and clarity.

If there are colds going around, or if I'm feeling run down, I like to juice plenty of fresh ginger and take shots of it or add it to full glasses of water. If you don't have a juicer, try adding a 2-inch piece of fresh organic ginger to your blender with a little water and a teaspoon of Ceylon Cinnamon, blend and strain and then add the "juice" to a full glass of water with a little stevia. This spicy treat will help fight off pathogens and leave you feeling "zesty." 

Supporting your Liver is also ideal during this cleansing time. This will also help promote clear skin. I like to drink plenty of healing herbal teas.

Clear Skin Tea is a blend I created for supporting the liver, detoxifying the body, and treating various skin conditions.

As always, stay well hydrated with plenty of spring water.

I also like to keep my nasal passages clear and hydrated with use of a neti pot.

Here are some other tips to implement during the autumnal equinox and into fall.

Fall Skin Care Tips

Some skin issues that can come up as Summer turns to Fall include dull, dry skin with fine lines or irritation; sun spots and hyper-pigmentation, or flare-ups of some chronic conditions.


Natural Sun Protection

Even though it's colder, it is still important to use sun protection in autumn on sunny days. 

For UV and Sun Damage Protection and Repair, try Sweet Light Before & After Sun Butter.

Hyperpigmentation & Sun Spots

Sun damage from a long summer in the sun can result in areas of hyperpigmentation on face, shoulders, arms, and hands especially.

This is my favorite product for helping to reverse sun damage and hyper-pigmentation: 

Dawn Skin Brightening Dew

Moisturizing & Dry Skin Prevention

Moisturizing is more important than ever for every skin type. If you like to use a lighter moisturizer during the summer, using a richer moisturizer is now is a good idea. For body, applying a moisturizer directly after bathing is the best way to have conditioned, soft skin. Massage a body oil or body butter over the entire body while focusing on dry or rough areas.

During cold and wet months, Warming Oils or Butters are of particular benefit. They stimulate circulation and help prevent or nourish dry skin.

For a warming body oil, try:

Masala Chai Skin Restoring Body Oil - digestive support & skin circulation

For a warming body butter, try: 

Ginger Skin Restoring Body Butter

Or, contact me, if you'd like a custom creation. 

Skin Conditions

Some people may experience a flare-up of conditions such as psoriasis or eczema / atopic dermatitis in the fall. For some one that has suffered with Psoriasis most of my life, I am very sensitive to skin conditions and I have created several products that will help ease and soothe these conditions.

Magic Healing Balm - Natural Eczema Treatment

 Miracle Nectar - Healing Treatment

Foot Care

A summer of bare feet and sandal-wearing can potentially cause dry, cracked heels. Dry, rough, or painful feet can be improved with a scrub and a rich, nourishing moisturizer.

  1. Try soaking feet in a warm bath with essential oils like, Lavender.
  2. Then scrub thoroughly with a nice scrub or pumice stone.
  3. Next apply and massage in a body butter.
  4. Finally, put on a pair of cotton socks to keep the moisture in. 

Cacao Goji Berry Scrub can also be used on feet, hands, or anywhere on body that you'd like

elaa Body Butters are great for feet.

Hair Care

Dandruff can appear or flare-up during Autumn. I recommend treating hair and scalp with nourishing oils. Argan Oil is rich with Squalene, Vitamin E tocopherols, Fatty Acids, and potent Antioxidants. It is one of the most nourishing treatments for hair. Sacha Inchi Oil is also wonderful for repairing damaged hair.

Coat hair and scalp in Argan Oil & Sacha Inchi Oil once weekly overnight or for several hours to restore hair luster and strength.

Internal Dry Skin Prevention & Care

Internal use of Omega 3 Fatty Acids is essential for supple, soft, clear skin. Deficiency in Omega 3 oils is often responsible for skin conditions.

I particularly like Sacha Inchi Oil as a skin and food oil. The combination of Omega-3s, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, antioxidants, and amino acids makes Sacha Inchi Oil a wonderful skin treatment. Sacha Inchi Oil is also a valued nutritional supplement because it contains a high concentration of polyunsaturated fatty acids, making it an excellent source for Omega 3 (alpha linolenic acid) and Omega 6 (linoleic acid). It is high in protein, and rich in essential and non-essential amino acids.

Add  Sacha Inchi Oil to smoothies, salad dressings, any raw dishes that call for oil, or simply take a teaspoon.