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Honey Face Mask: A Sweet Way to Nourish the Skin

Jill Stacey

Today I'm going to share a little about one of nature's most miraculous substances...honey!... and how you can incorporate it into your beauty rituals. We'll look at super simple ways to create a facial at home, so you can begin experiencing the magic of one of nature's sweetest offerings.

Different Types of Honey

If you've ever shopped for honey in a grocery store, you might have noticed that there are typically several varieties available. If you attend your local farmers' market, your choices are likely greatly expanded. I remember when I first went to Hawaii, moving through a farmers' market I came upon a honey vendor. His table was filled with so many varieties of honey, unlike anything I had ever experienced before. The flavors, colors and properties were all so unique and potent...I am still in awe as I think about it...

There are more potential honey varietals than there are plants in the world! The possibilities are only limited by the health and creativity of our bee allies...

Manuka Honey

When I moved to New Zealand for a time, I was in for a whole new world of honeys. One of the most notable nectars to come from this special place is the extraordinary Manuka honey. It has gained lots of recognition in recent years for its many health benefits. Included amongst these healing properties: it is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory... which makes it incredibly beneficial to all sorts of common skin complaints. Being super rich in all sorts of minerals and plant actives, Manuka honey is amazing for the skin in all of its phases.

Raw Honey

Whether you are consuming honey internally or applying externally, it is extremely important to choose only raw varieties. Honey is precious and fragile, and must be harvested and handled with care in order to retain its potent benefits. In addition, always be certain that your honey is sourced from a clean and pristine environment.

Honey Face Mask

Honey makes a sweet treat for the skin, and one of the simplest methods of application is through the use of a mask. If you want to go super simple, you can start by gently splashing warm water on your face in the morning. After a quick pat dry, rub some favorite honey all over your face. Start with a small a amount, and softly rub in circular motions until you've reached all areas. Allow the honey to remain on the skin for about 20 minutes, or up to an hour. Rinse well, splash with cool water, and follow with toner and moisturizer if you choose.

If you'd like to take the process a step further, you can create your own homemade facial with honey as a featured ingredient. A honey face mask will bring many nutrients to your skin, and pamper you pleasantly. Here's an easy and soothing recipe for you to experiment with at home...

*1 T raw honey

*1 tsp fresh aloe vera gel

*2 T finely ground oats

Combine ingredients in a bowl, or for best results, use a mini blender (such as a spice grinder or bullet style blender). Apply to skin and soak up the love for 20-30 minutes. Rinse and feel refreshed!

Elaa's Radiance-Inspiring Mask with Manuka Honey

Elaa has a potent product offering that you will love. Pumpkin Radiance - Renewing Enzyme Mask combines the magic of Raw Wild Manuka Honey (Active MGO 450+) with Organic Raw Pumpkin and many other transformational ingredients. It is an exciting product that renews skin with natural enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids, while deeply healing, cleansing, and restoring. It's also quite a treat to experience, with its delicious feel and aroma.

Pumpkin Radiance - Renewing Enzyme Mask

Renew and reveal a radiant glow with this festive mask made with one of nature's most wondrous skin treats, pumpkin. Pumpkin contains over 100 beneficial nutrients for skin. This Renewing Pumpkin Enzyme Mask gently removes dead skin cells, promotes cellular renewal, deep cleans pores, stimulates circulation, refines skin tone, minimizes fine lines, firms, and reduces hyperpigmentation.  

Size: 50 ml

Homemade Face Mask

Jill Stacey

Making facial masks at home is a great way to pamper and nourish your beautiful self. The cold weather months can sometimes take their toll on the skin, so its a good idea to give your skin a little extra love and attention during this time. In this article, we'll look at some ways you can prepare a simple facial mask at home....and enjoy the reactivation of your wintertime glow-power!

How to Make a Face Mask at Home

We are going to take a look at some easy-to-find ingredients that can be combined to make healthy homemade face masks. You may already have these ingredients in your kitchen!

Face Mask Ingredients

In keeping with the spirit of the season, I am inspired by ingredients that bring moisture, calm irritations, work to restore and balance, and encourage delightful skin through their nutrient offerings. In keeping with simplicity, I want to be able to count all of the ingredients on one hand. So here is what we will be working with today: oatmeal, cinnamon, honey and turmeric.

Oats Nutrition

For some reason, chilly weather sometimes makes me think of oatmeal. This may have something to do with the wonderful little pots of steamed oats, dried fruits and cinnamon that my mom used to cook up for us on cold winter mornings. It felt deeply nourishing, I'm sure largely due to the abundant love with which it was offered. Having since become curious and passionate about nutrition, I discovered that oats have a lot to give. 

Whether or not you choose to include grains in your diet, it is clear that oats are a great source of nutrition. You will find substantial amounts of manganese, molybdenum, phosphorous, copper, biotin, Vitamin B1, magnesium, chromium and zinc.

Oats are always a wonderful ingredient for skin care applications, which is what we will be exploring as we learn  how to create a homemade facial. Oats soothe and moisturize dry irritated skin as they deliver the aforementioned myriad of minerals. They absorb and remove surface impurities, along with acting as a gentle exfoliant and skin softener.

Benefits of Honey on Skin

Honey is one of nature's most magical miracles, so it doesn't surprise me to know how many amazing benefits it offers to the skin. Of course, you will always want to choose raw, organic, ethically harvested honey for the greatest benefits to you and the planet.

Raw honey is rich in enzymes, nutrients and minerals. The nutritional content and distinct characteristics of different honeys vary greatly depending on where they are harvested from. Typically, the darker the color, the richer the mineral content is.

Healthy honey brings an unmistakable glow to the complexion. It will help to heal acne (naturally antibacterial), assists in graceful aging (rich in antioxidants), and its humectant properties moisturize and soothe. Raw honey has a pH level of 4.5, making it a great match for our skin. It also features gluconic acid, which is a gentle alpha hydroxy acid that clarifies the pores, evens skin tone, and lightens scars, spots, and hyperpigmentation.

Turmeric Face Mask

Turmeric is famous for its anti-inflammatory properties, both internally and externally. Loaded with active antioxidants, turmeric is powerfully effective in keeping the skin young, bright and luminous.

With its vivid yellow color, turmeric can temporarily leave a very light golden hue on fair skin. However, this is a short-lived phenomenon that will fade within a few hours. That being said, you might prefer to use a facial with turmeric in it at night. Another option would be to obtain some Kasturi turmeric (curcuma aromatica). It is a much more difficult to find turmeric that is not edible (used only topically), and does not leave any temporary stain on the skin.

Benefits of Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a wonderful addition to facial masks, as it targets many common complaints. Cinnamon activates blood flow to the surface of the skin, and is anti-microbial. This makes it a great ingredient to assist in clearing all sorts of blemishes. Cinnamon also alleviates dry skin as it removes dead skin cells and oxygenates the tissues. These properties also help with the alleviation of fine lines. 

Homemade Face Mask

Homemade facials, like the one we are about to make, are so simple and effective. They're also super convenient, when you consider that you probably already have all of the ingredients on hand. And if you don't happen to have everything available, you can always omit ingredients and add others in to suit your needs.

Alright, let's get to it...

Prior to applying your mask, its helpful to pre-cleanse your skin. You can use any gentle cleanser that you enjoy. Elaa's CLEANSING FAIRY DUST  and EFFERVESCENT FACIAL CLEANSER are both gentle balancing options. You might instead choose to do a facial steam for cleansing and opening the pores simultaneously. Using some customized essential oils, such as Elaa's WINTER REJUVENATION BLEND, in the steam can deepen the purifying and restorative properties. Click HERE for detailed instructions on how to pamper yourself with a steam facial.

After cleansing, gently pat the skin dry, and get ready to apply the mask. Some soothing music and vaporized essential oils of your liking are highly recommended at this point. Invite and encourage a relaxing space where you have the freedom to fully nurture yourself.

Now, its time to mix the mask...

Oatmeal Honey Turmeric Cinnamon Face Mask Recipe


1/2 c. organic gluten free oats, finely ground in a spice mill or blender 

1 tsp. cinnamon powder (ceylon variety is a great choice)

1/2 tsp. turmeric powder

1 T. raw honey

warm water, as needed to form paste


Thoroughly mix together the dry ingredients (oats, cinnamon, turmeric).

Add about 2 T. of warm water to a bowl, and mix in honey. Stir until blended.

Add the liquid mixture to the dry ingredients until well incorporated, adding more warm water as needed to achieve a fairly thick paste.


Gently apply the mask to your face, and find a cozy place to relax for the next 20-30 minutes. 

Rinse well and apply your favorite moisturizer.

Elaa's own Natural Face Masks

Elaa is delighted to offer a variety of divinely crafted, beauty-creating face masks at Click HERE to learn more about these Elaa creations. You will find such treasures as Rhassoul Matcha Skin Clearing Detox Mask and Pumpkin Radiance Renewing Enzyme Mask


Homemade Mosquito Repellent

Jill Stacey

This time of year can be the worst for pesky mosquitos. I live in the mountains of Southern Oregon where fire season has been particularly bad this year. To escape from the thick smoke, I went to the Oregon coast for some fresh ocean air, only to be met by clouds of mosquito swarms instead of clouds of smoke.

The ocean was gorgeous, fresh, cold, and wild and sleeping outside with the ability to breathe fresh air, was so worth it! But, there were insane amounts of mosquitos to contend with 24 hours a day. My beloved bought one of those silly tennis racket looking mosquito zappers and looked like he was playing tennis with a ghost as we relaxed at our campsite. I brought my own proprietary insect repellent creation and it kept the mosquitos at bay. It also doubles as a air freshener and perfume - great for camping, travel, and outdoor activity.

Try this Natural Insect Repellent Recipe. I had planned on offering this special formula as one of the products in my elaa skincare line, but instead I decided to share the formula recipe with you so you can make it yourself at home. It's healing and healthy for skin, it smells great, and it's completely safe and non-toxic for everyone, even little ones.

Homemade Mosquito Repellent

This homemade insect repellent is a formula I created for the elaa product line, but it's quite simple and you can easily make it yourself. If you only have two or three of these essential oils at hand, that's fine, just increase their concentrations.


3 oz Lavender Hydrosol (you may also use distilled Water or Witch Hazel)

1 oz Jojoba oil (you may also use olive oil, grape seed oil, or fractionated coconut oil)

1/4 teaspoon Citronella Essential Oil

1/8 teaspoon Lemon Eucalyptus (you may also use Eucalyptus Essential Oil)

1/8 teaspoon Lemongrass Essential Oil

1/8 teaspoon Cedarwood Essential Oil

1/8 teaspoon Rose Geranium Essential Oil


Mix all ingredients together and pour into in a 4 oz spray bottle. Shake well before use. Spray onto exposed skin. Close eyes when spraying around face or head. Reapply as needed.

Essential Oil Bug Repellent

In case you don't have the above ingredients available, here's another blend with a few other essential oil options. This can be used in various ways.


8 drops Lemongrass Essential Oil

4 drops Thyme Essential Oil

4 drops Lavender Essential Oil

4 drops Peppermint Essential Oil


Add oils to small dropper bottle.

Here are several ways to use this natural insect repellent recipe :

1) Place a few drops into a diffuser, or soak a cotton ball or tissue and place next to you as you sleep.

2) Dilute 5 drops per 1 tablespoon of oil for a body rub or add the blend to any lotion, oil, or body butter you have.

Mosquito Bite Relief

If prevention is too late and you've already been bitten, try applying 1 drop of Lavender Essential Oil directly to the skin for mosquito bite relief. It helps to relieve pain and itching, and promotes healing.