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Ingredient Spotlight: Royal Jelly (Bee Mana)

Jill Stacey

What is Royal Jelly?

Bees are incredibly advanced, amazing beings and are essential in many ways to life on Earth. The production of Royal Jelly is just one of the miraculous things that they do. Royal Jelly is a precious substance that is made by worker bees in bee hives. The worker bees fill special larval cells with it when their hive needs a new queen. The larvae in these cells eat nothing else, triggering a change in their development process and turning them into queen bees.  The Royal Jelly, or Bee Mana that I use is harvested gently and ethically, without harming any bees. It’s unique and powerful combination of nutrients makes it a very potent and beneficial food for humans too, as well as a wonderful skincare ingredient.

Why is Royal Jelly so good for me?

Royal Jelly benefits are vast. Royal Jelly or Bee Mana is packed full of complex B vitamins (including B12), trace minerals, enzymes, fatty acids, antibacterial and antibiotic components, and even trace amounts of vitamin C. It contains acetylcholine which aids circulation and assists in relaxation. It contains 5% 10-HDA (10-hydroxy-2-decenoic acid), a unique fatty acid found only in royal jelly that enhances immune function. It also contains some of the essential building blocks for collagen, so it helps your skin cells regenerate. Overall, it has been found to have an anti-inflammatory effect, helping skin remain youthful. Unlike every other royal jelly available, the bee mana from Immortality Alchemy that I use is Certified Organic – the first of its kind. And it’s triple concentrated! The Bee Mana apiaries are located in remote forests and herb farms, far away from any industrial area, so it’s the purest and most potent Royal Jelly available. 

Bee Beauty

Bee Beauty is a raw facial oil moisturizer. This Royal Jelly Skin treat is wonderfully hydrating. It will leave your skin feeling soft and supple. It will also help diminish fine lines and wrinkles, firm skin, support collagen renewal, and restore the skin’s proper pH balance!

What makes my skin love Bee Beauty?

Bee Beauty is made with a wide variety of potent skin treats, including superfoods, herbs, green and rooibos tea, and the finest blend of oils (such as seabuckthorn and pomegranate) and essential oils. The most unique ingredient, however, is triple concentrated Royal Jelly, or Bee Mana. This nutrient-dense food is a highly beneficial food for longevity and vitality. It's great in smoothies and wonderful in skincare.

Royal Jelly, a true wonder for beauty.


Bee Beauty - Age-Defying Facial Oil

This beautiful facial oil moisturizer with Royal Jelly is made for a queen. With 3x concentrated Royal Jelly, superfoods, herbs, and fine oils, this rejuvenating facial oil will create beautifully soft, glowing skin.